Quality Assurance Engineer

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    Tofugu is looking for an experienced Quality Assurance Engineer. Because we're looking for someone to guide and develop our QA process, we are looking for someone who is at or near the top of the software testing field, or has the potential to get there. In addition, candidates should have deep experience with test tools (e.g. Capybara), as well as knowledge and understanding of HTML, CSS, and Javascript. WaniKani is built on Ruby on Rails, so some background or ability there is considered necessary as well. Being a Japanese learner and/or a past or present WaniKani user is a plus, but not required.

    This role will work closely with the Engineering team to test new features and do regression testing on existing features as code gets updated and bug fixes are made. For example, right now, we are refactoring our front-end code to make WaniKani more flexible for future plans, so you would be working on that. At the same time, you'll be directing, developing, and improving our test processes in preparation for what comes after: new features that we think will have a direct and positive impact on the tens of thousands of learners who interact with WaniKani and Tofugu. You'll be a big part of that!

    The Work

    • You will determine the best, most efficient way to test new WaniKani features and define the testing standards for the site.
    • You will recommend, decide on, and implement tools for executing the test process with the rest of the engineering team.
    • You will create and document the WaniKani test process.
    • You will test with accessibility in mind. Our properties aren't perfect in this regard, but we do our best to code for different people and different circumstances.
    • You will test with security in mind, too. Our users' private information is, of course, extremely important!
    • You will implement, where it makes sense, test automation to improve test efficiency. You should be able to provide good feedback to our engineers and help bring up the quality of our overall product.
    • You will advocate for WaniKani users. "Hey, this isn't working how it's supposed to and let's fix this!" or "I think xyz would improve the learner's experience and help them to make more progress in their goals of learning Japanese."


    • can use QA tools (like a browser stack) and use them well. You can set up various browsers for testing on different devices
    • have experience with Javascript, HTML, CSS, and Ruby.
    • are near the top of the software testing field — or make us feel you have that potential.
    • have a decent eye for design, color, and whitespace and can spot when spacing or color is off.
    • enjoy working with and collaborating with a team, but you're also a self-starter who takes initiative and can get work done.
    • are not bothered by ambiguity. If left alone, you know what the important stuff is and can take the initiative to figure out how to create value.
    • can speak your mind while at the same time graciously (and happily) accepting feedback.
    • are good at, and not afraid to, provide feedback to others, as well.
    • work pragmatically. That is, you get the work done with organized, efficient, well-documented, processes.
    • have a passion for delivering quality to our WaniKani users
    • can identify what is important for actual progress, then do it, even if it isn't always "fun." Don't worry, there's fun stuff to do, too.


    Job Type: Part-Time, Hourly Contractor (5-10 hrs/week)
    Work Hours: Flexible
    Work Location: Remote, Worldwide
    Pay: $60/hr

    Hours for this role are flexible, though there will be times where you need to coordinate and meet with members of the Engineering team. The person in this role will need to complete a paid trial of 1-2 months at 5-10 hours a week.

    If you think you'd do awesome at this role, and you think you want to be here helping learners learn, please apply by putting together the following:

    • Your résumé or some résumé-like document giving us an idea of your work history and experience. PDF format, please.
    • cover letter-like document, in PDF format. It can (and probably will be) more than one page, because we'd like you to tell us why you're applying, what your relevant experience is, how you'd measure success in this role, how you define the "top of the field" or "potential to get there". Let us know how you compare, and why/how you'll bring value to Tofugu, specifically. Again, that's all more than one page, probably.
    • An outline proposing how you would ensure that WaniKani is well and fully tested. No need to write a full test manual here. We just want to get an idea of how you would approach the job. The job is yours to design. Be creative! PDF format, please.

    When you've put together the above, please fill out and upload the documents via the following form:

    If the button doesn't work, you can use this link.

    We get a lot of applications, so please be patient! We'll respond to everybody whether they make it to the next step or not. The hiring process for this position will be:

    1. Submit application
    2. Short interview
    3. Work Challenge (maybe)
    4. Long interview
    5. 1-2 month trial period

    Sometimes things change, but the above is probably pretty close to correct. If you have any questions, please email