Japanese Language Writer and Researcher

    Published • Application due Indefinitely

    Tofugu is seeking an experienced candidate to research and write about Japanese grammar for our two websites: Tofugu and WaniKani. Candidate should be the type of person who loves to research and study Japanese linguistics—that includes reading what others have done as well as your own independent research. You should have a unique ability to distill difficult, dull, and convoluted concepts into writing that is easy to understand. Your writing will come in the form of short, long, and monograph-length pieces (see “The Work” for more details). Your work will raise the bar of online content in the Japanese learning industry as well as help millions of Japanese students and teachers.

    The Work

    • You will constantly read, study, summarize, and organize research papers about the Japanese language. You will be reading and processing, on average, 2–3 research papers per week.
    • With the Tofugu team, build and maintain a database of topics and knowledge to which you and other teammates may reference and write about.
    • Publish 1–2 long-form (~2,000–10,000 words) articles per cycle (a 6-week period) on a Japanese grammar topics on Tofugu. Annually, you'll be expected to publish 9–12 articles per year.
    • Write 4–8 short-form (~1,000 words) grammar explanations per cycle (a 6 week period). They may, and often will be, based on the long-form articles you publish on Tofugu. Annually, you'll be expected to publish 32–52 explanations.
    • In your first year, publish 1–2 mini-to-regular monograph-length (30,000–100,000 words) monographs on Japanese grammar topics in Tofugu’s monograph section.


    • You love Japanese linguistics. A lot. Teaching and telling people about it too.
    • You are an experienced writer. And you can write a lot of words, some of them should even be good. You know how to beat the resistance of writing and do it all the time.
    • You have the unique ability to take those tough, nearly-impossible-to-understand concepts and make them into something anybody can grasp.
    • You are excellent at finding and doing research. You can see connections between seemingly unrelated ideas and weave them into something new that nobody saw before.
    • You have excellent communication skills and are good at giving and receiving feedback. You crave feedback as an opportunity to grow and get better.
    • You enjoy working collaboratively and participating in team discussions and planning.
    • You can take initiative and make decisions on your own when it makes sense.
    • You have an insatiable hunger for more knowledge and skill.


    • JLPT N2–N1 or equivalent level Japanese
    • Fluent in Japanese and English
    • A strong command of English writing
    • Masters in Japanese Linguistics or equivalent experience


    Job Type: Full-time
    Work Location: Remote, or from our Portland, Oregon office
    Salary: $60,000–$80,000 annually

    • Health, Dental, and Vision insurance for employees in the USA. Monetary compensation for those outside the USA.
    • 30 days PTO per year. 7 holiday days per year (choose your own).
    • Free lunch and snacks for those working from our Portland, Oregon office.
    • Reimbursement for coffees/teas/etc. for remote employees working from coffee or other shops.
    • Simple IRA retirement account with matching up to 3%.
    • $500 a year for fitness reimbursement.
    • $200 a year for home office reimbursement (remote).
    • Internet reimbursement (remote).
    • Reimbursement up to $200/month for remote work space rentals.
    • Reimbursement for educational materials, programs, seminars, etc.
    • Company retreat to Japan every 1.5 years.
    • Paid trip to Portland, OR once or twice per year.

    Tofugu is a company that believes that education (not just Japanese) improves lives and has the potential to save the world from itself. You’re expected to learn. A lot. About your job skills, Japanese, and about anything else that interests you. At the same time, we believe that working around forty hours a week is enough. You should spend time with your family, yourself, and your horse. That means that we expect you to be really good at what you do. And we expect you to improve and learn at a hungry pace to improve the quantity and quality of your output. If you believe in the same things, and you have the skills and experience listed, we’d love to talk to you.

    To apply, send a cover letter, resumé, and writing sample to, all in PDF format. In the cover letter, be sure to tell us why you are the wone to do The Work.