"Japanese Language" Category Author

    Published • Application due Indefinitely

    Tofugu is looking for skilled writers with high levels of Japanese language teaching ability (see jobs page for additional author positions) to write detailed Japanese Language category articles for the Tofugu Blog.

    This is a contractor, hourly, and part-time position estimated to consist of 20-40 hours of work per month. The role's mission is to "Help students to learn and understand the aspects of Japanese," and you will be writing articles to help people to do just that. You should have a knack for distilling the overwhelmingly complicated (often heavy, wordy papers on Japanese linguistic) into something a regular Japanese student can understand without making the content itself "dumb."

    Depending on the topics you’re writing about, we are looking for this role to write one or two articles per month, written in Markdown format. The expectation is very high quality, extremely deep pieces of writing that are accessible to serious students of Japanese. Examples of the types of articles we’ve been writing lately in the Japanese Language category:

    • Comparisons of similar particles, grammar points, and/or vocabulary.
    • Below-the-surface nuances of words/grammar.
    • Dialects, ways of speaking, and the like.

    For more information on how we write, and how you should write for this application, see our internal doc: Writing to Teach.

    You will also be able to pitch your own Japanese Language article ideas, even if they are outside of the above examples.


    • You have a high level of Japanese proficiency — but more importantly, you are extremely good at explaining concepts, ideas, facts, and the like surrounding the Japanese language.
    • You have a native level English reading and writing ability.
    • You have an excellent writing ability. Although we have copy editors and peer reviewers that can look over your writing, you are confident that there will be few grammatical / spelling edits, and you will rarely need large revision.
    • You are able to concentrate, focus, and do the hard work necessary to produce quality content, consistently, over time. That is, you’re able to put in time on the actual production of content without distraction.


    Job Type: Part-time, hourly, contractor (20-40 hours per month)
    Work Hours: Flexible
    Work Location: Remote, Worldwide
    Pay: $40/hr, +$10/hr after 20 articles published

    The hours for this role are "whatever you want," so long as you’re able to work with the Editor in Chief and produce one to two high-quality Japanese Language category articles per month. As this is a contractor position, employee benefits do not apply, though Tofugu can pay for resources you need (payment for academic papers, books, and the like), pending approval by the Editor in Chief.

    The person (or people) offered this role will need to complete a paid trial period (one to two months) before a continued agreement is formalized.

    To Apply

    To apply, you will need to collect and create the following:

    • Write a cover letter (or some other document telling us about yourself, why you’re applying, the kinds of things you’ve done, etc.). PDF format, if possible.
    • Write at least one Japanese Language category article. It should be written in the Tofugu style, as if you’re actually writing it for Tofugu. Make sure to add a list of sources, if you used any for your research. The final content should be PDF format, please.
    • OPTIONAL: Write up to four additional Japanese Language category articles. Alternatively, you can provide up to four past writing samples you’ve done. Mixing and matching the above is fine, but please be sure to clarify in the document what is written specifically for this application and what is a past writing sample. Submissions should be in PDF format, please.

    When you have everything together, you can submit it via the following form:

    Note: Whether you are hired or not, there may be cases where we love an article you wrote for the application. In this case, we will try and work with you to figure out a way to publish your article on Tofugu and pay you fairly for your work.

    The application process for this position looks like this:

    1. Application, writing challenge(s), and past work samples.
    2. We read and process applications. We’ll send out emails to everyone, whether you make it to the next step or not.
    3. 30 to 60-minutes-long interview/Q&A.
    4. One to two month paid trial period, followed by a longer-term agreement for continued writing and involvement.

    You will receive an email response letting you know if you made it to the next step. We tend to get a lot of applications, so it might take a little while. Please be patient!

    If you have any questions, email