"Japanese Grammar" Section Author

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    Tofugu is looking for individual(s) skilled in teaching, explaining, and breaking down Japanese grammar concepts to students of Japanese (see jobs page for additional author positions). The person, or people, hired to perform this role will be writing content for our Japanese Grammar section.

    This is a contractor, hourly, and part-time position estimated to consist of 20-40 hours of work per month. The role's mission is to "Take the mystery out of Japanese grammar and make it accessible to learners." You will be tasked with writing grammar pages as well as making connections between Japanese grammar points for learners of Japanese.

    Here's how we like to imagine it: A student learns about a Japanese grammar point in class, or reads about a grammar point in their textbook — but, they don't quite get it. Or, they are reading Japanese text and come across a grammar point they've never seen before. In cases like these, we want the learner to be able to find that grammar point in Tofugu's Japanese Grammar database. They should come away understanding the grammar point, have an increased ability to use it, and also have a better idea of how to study it going forward. They should also be able to find connected or related grammar for further study and comparison. We want our Grammar section to be the place that Japanese students come to understand grammar they've just "learned" or want to learn.

    You should have a knack for real research (not just searching for things on Google and reading through the top ten results to come to the same conclusion as everyone else), distilling the overwhelming complicated (often heavy, wordy papers on Japanese linguistics), and writing in a way that makes for effective teaching. Depending on the complexity of the grammar points, we are looking for this role to write 3-10 pages per month using Markdown format. You will need to coordinate with Tofugu's Editor in Chief to pitch and write groups of grammar pages covering a variety of topics, and you will have a decent amount of freedom over what grammar points you write up at any given time. There may be times when you are given topics to write about, too.


    • You have a high level of Japanese proficiency — but more importantly, you are also extremely good at explaining concepts, ideas, facts, and the like surrounding the Japanese grammar and language.
    • You are good at seeing both the bigger picture (keeping in mind how grammar concepts relate to one another) as well as the details (how an individual grammar point works, and how all its parts work interdependently, too).
    • You have a native level English reading and writing ability.
    • You have an excellent writing ability. Although we have copy editors and peer reviewers that can look over your writing, you are confident that there will be few grammatical/spelling edits, and you will rarely need large revision.
    • You are able to concentrate, focus, and do the hard work necessary to produce quality content, consistently, over time. That is, you're able to put in time on the actual production of content without distraction.


    Job Type: Part-time, hourly, contractor (20-40 hours per month)
    Work Hours: Flexible
    Work Location: Remote, Worldwide
    Pay: $40/hr, +$10/hr after six months

    The hours for this role are "whatever you want," so long as you're able to work with the Editor in Chief and produce Grammar pages on a consistent basis. As this is a contractor position, employee benefits do not apply, though Tofugu can pay for resources you need (payment for academic papers, books, and the like), pending approval by the Editor in Chief.

    The person (or people) offered this role will need to complete a paid trial period (one to two months) before a continued agreement is formalized.

    To Apply

    To apply, you will need to collect and create the following:

    • Write a cover letter (or some other document telling us about yourself, why you're applying, the kinds of things you've done, etc.). PDF format, if possible.
    • Write five original grammar pages explaining five different Japanese grammar points. They can be related (and make up one larger sort of explanation even), they can be totally unrelated, or a bit of both. These should be written in the Tofugu style, as if you're actually writing it for the Tofugu Grammar section (you should probably go and read it). Please refer to our internal doc Writing to Teach to understand more of what we're looking for. Make sure to add a list of sources, if you used any for your research. Final versions should be PDF format, please.
    • Audit our Grammar section and answer the questions: "What would you do to improve the Grammar section's content? What type of grammar would you focus on? What would you do in the first month, six months, or year?" You will add your answer to a text field as plain text, so I'd recommend writing it somewhere else first, then copy and paste it in.

    When you have everything put together, you can submit it via the following form:

    Note: Whether you are hired or not, there may be cases where we love a grammar page you wrote for the application. In this case, we will try and work with you to figure out a way to publish your page on Tofugu and pay you fairly for your work.

    The application process for this position looks like this:

    1. Application and writing challenge(s).
    2. We read and process applications. We'll send out emails to everyone, whether you make it to the next step or not.
    3. 30 to 60-minutes-long interview/Q&A.
    4. One to two month paid trial period, followed by a longer-term agreement for continued writing and involvement.

    You will receive an email response letting you know if you made it to the next step. We tend to get a lot of applications, so it might take a little while. Please be patient!

    If you have any questions, email