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    Tofugu is looking for experienced editors to edit, revise, and proofread our written content. On the spectrum of junior to senior (in terms of experience and ability), we're currently looking for applicants who lean heavily toward the "senior" side of things.

    This role will mainly be editing articles published to the Tofugu Blog, but may also edit marketing copy, page content, emails, and the like. Candidates should have native level English and a lower-intermediate or above level of written Japanese.

    Let's talk about what we're calling a "General Editor." What we mean is we're looking for editors who can do a variety of editing tasks. We'll probably only hire one or two General Editors at this point, so flexibility in what candidates are able to do is important to us. More specifically, we are looking for editors who are able to do the following types of editing:

    • General Feedback: Reading through early drafts to give feedback on content, structure, and the like.
    • Copy Editing: (probably the most common request) Editing content for style, accuracy, readability, grammar, and spelling.
    • Proofreading: Checking for and fixing spelling or grammar issues.

    Editors are expected to complete requests within a "reasonable amount of time." For most content, that's going to be one or two days (not weeks), though it will depend on the length of the content. And, since we're looking for editors with a strong track record, the expectation is that you will be efficient in your work — without quality suffering.

    As with all editor (I'd assume, at least!) positions, you should be a strong writer, too. In the case of Tofugu, you will sometimes edit content written by non-native English speakers. You will need to be able to revise and rewrite this content in a way that doesn't gut the author's "voice," while also making it read natural.

    This is a contractor, hourly, and part-time position estimated at five to ten hours a week, though it just depends on how much we're writing. Since you'll be working across multiple teams, the General Editor's role is to help progress each team's mission via the written word. That is, you should edit, improve, and align content for the mission of the team you're editing for.


    • You have a low-intermediate+ level of Japanese proficiency. You will be working with Japanese example sentences, and explanations about Japanese concepts, vocabulary, grammar, and the like. You don't have to know everything, but you need to be able to mostly understand what you're editing, for the most part.
    • You have native level English ability. Maybe you have a degree in something related to English, writing, journalism, and the likeor, at least, you have similar or equivalent experience.
    • You have excellent writing ability. There will be cases where you revise the content of non-native English speakers, and you'll need to be able to edit their work to make it sound good without gutting their "voice."
    • You should be able to work in markdown format (you can even probably learn the basics before applying, it's not so difficult).
    • Coming from all your experience, you are efficient in your work without sacrificing quality.


    Job Type: Part-time, hourly, contractor (~5-10 hours per week, fluctuating)
    Work Hours: Flexible
    Work Location: Remote, Worldwide
    Pay: $50/hr, +$10/hr after six months

    The hours for this role are "whenever you want," so long as you're able to complete editing requests within a couple days (sometimes faster, sometimes slower). As this is a contractor position, employee benefits do not apply.

    The person (or people) offered this role will need to complete a paid trial period of ~5-10 hours per week over one to two months before hours and an agreement are formalized.

    To Apply

    To apply, you will need to collect and create the following:

    • Write a "cover letter-ish" document, in PDF format, which includes (but is not limited to) information about:
      • Why you are applying.
      • Japanese language level/experience.
      • Your editing experience.
      • How you'll add value to the Tofugu Blog.
      • How you measure success (in editing).
    • A resumé, or something that shows your work experience. PDF format, please.

    When you have all that put together, please submit them via the following form:

    Some recommended related reading from Tofugu's internal documents:

    The application process for this position looks like this:

    1. Submit your application.
    2. We read and process applications.
    3. Work Challenge (we'll send you something to edit), unpaid.
    4. 30 to 60-minutes-long interview/Q&A.
    5. One to two month paid trial period, followed by a longer-term agreement for continued writing and involvement.

    If you have any questions, email