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    Tofugu is hiring a forum moderator for the WaniKani Community Forum. This role will be a part of the Support team, though their focus will be on the moderation of the WaniKani forums (and not emails, chat, etc). In addition to forum moderation, this role will also work with the Community Manager role to help with events and create/coordinate regular and one-off forum activities.

    The Work

    • Handle flags, conflicts, and any unhappy moments on the forums. That includes suspending and banning individuals who cross the line.
    • Nurture and nudge the WaniKani forums to continue to be, and move toward being more of, a welcoming, inclusive community centered around learning Japanese.
    • Create and award custom badges to learners for doing the kinds of things that make the WaniKani forums a better place.
    • Participate in forum topics and posts, including learner introductions.
    • Work with the Community Manager role to help host community events and coordinate activities on the forums.
    • Look out for, process, and/or report on bugs, general issues, ideas, feedback, etc, written up by forum participants.


    • You have native-level English ability.
    • You have JLPT 4+ or equivalent Japanese ability.
    • You are an enthusiastic learner (and/or teacher) of Japanese.
    • You are "tech savvy," in a general sense. That is, you know your way around computers, troubleshooting, and figuring things out.
    • You have (general) forum experience. Or, you have WaniKani forum experience. Honestly, that might be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on what you get up to, but there it is.
    • You are able to work autonomously, make (good) decisions on your own, and don't require supervision to get your work done.


    Job Type: Part-time, Hourly, Contractor (~10-15 hrs/week)
    Work Hours: Spread out, Flexible
    Work Location: Remote, Worldwide
    Pay: $25/hr, +$5/hr after 6 months

    The hours for this role are flexible, though you will need to do your work spread out over 5-7 days a week (1-3 hours per day). The point is, you're consistently on the forum throughout the week and not squeezing your work hours into one or two concentrated days.

    The person offered this role will need to complete a paid trial period of one to two months before a more formalized continued agreement is put in place. As this is a contractor position, employee benefits do not apply.

    If you think you would be a great candidate, you can apply by putting together the following:

    • Your resumé or some resumé-like document, giving us an idea of your work history and experience. PDF format, please.
    • A cover letter-like document, in PDF format, telling us about yourself, why you are applying, how you'd measure success, and anything else you'd like to add.

    When you've put together the above, please fill out and upload the documents to the following form:

    If the button doesn't work, use this link.

    You will receive an email response letting you know we got your application. Then a little later, you'll receive a second email to let you know whether or not you made it to the next step. We get a lot of applications, though, so please be patient! The hiring process for this position is:

    1. Submit application
    2. Short interview
    3. Long interview (maybe)
    4. 1-2 month trial period
    5. Continuation agreement

    Sometimes things change, but the above is probably pretty close to correct.

    If you have any questions, please email