Tofugu Blog Content Transferrer

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    The "Content Transferrer" role takes completed content written in basic Markdown, and transfers it — along with applicable media — to our static site generator (Middleman) for publishing to the Tofugu Blog. They will not only be transferring text, but will also be adding completed art, images, audio, alt tags, ruby text (furigana on Japanese text), and the like. Finally, they will be in charge of making sure everything looks good (formatting of the text and media, as well as being free from display errors) before submitting it for final publish or scheduling.

    In addition to transferring written content, this role will also collect and fix errors in the Tofugu Blog. Users send in spelling, grammar, and other errors, and this role will go through them and make changes when they are needed, then publish the changes to the blog. You will need to use your own judgement to decide what needs fixing (and what doesn't). Usually it's quite straightforward (if something is spelled incorrectly, it's spelled incorrectly), but in some cases the change will require some level of expertise. In those situations, you will work with the correct role for the situation to figure out what needs to be done.

    Compared to other roles we're currently hiring for, this is more of an entry level position. It's also not going to be a lot of hours (we're guessing between 0-10hrs/week), and the amount of work will fluctuate depending on how much we're writing or publishing at any given time. We imagine this to be a good role for someone who has some extra time (but not a lot of extra time), and either wants some extra work on top of whatever else they do, or wants to get some work experience — a university student, for example (though you don't have to be a university student to apply).


    • You're "tech savvy," in a general sense. That is, you know your way around computers, troubleshooting, and figuring things out beyond the basics. More specifically:
      • You are mildly familiar with basic Markdown, HTML, and CSS.
      • Not required, but a plus: You're also familiar with yaml, using your computer's terminal, and/or the ruby programming language, though most of what you'll do with these amounts to following written instructions, patterns, and templates — nothing someone couldn't learn on the job.
    • You have an low-intermediate or higher level of written Japanese (around N3+ equivalent on the JLPT scale). You'll be transferring Japanese example sentences, adding audio to sentences, adding furigana, and the like. You need to be at the stage where you can match audio with written sentences, and put furigana in the right place. That is, you don't need to understand or know all of what you're transferring, but you should be able to figure it out if you need to, on a case by case basis.
    • You have very high to native-level English ability. You'll be doing some light editing in your error corrections, so it's important to understand what requires a fix and what doesn't.
    • You're able to turn around requests quickly. We're hoping the person in this role can transfer content within a day or two of the request (it'll probably take a few hours to transfer a single, particularly complicated article, so we're mainly talking about response time to the actual request, here).
    • You have a decent eye for design — the way things look in an article are fairly standardized, but you'll be able to make some formatting and article design decisions along the way.
    • You're detail-oriented. A tiny detail like a missing symbol could result in breaking a preview of the site. And, consistency as for styling is important for us. If you've been ashamed or blamed for being nit-picky, this may a job where you can shine.


    Job Type: Part-time, Hourly, Contractor (~0–10 hrs/week)
    Work Hours: Flexible, M-F, fluctuating
    Work Location: Remote, Worldwide
    Pay: $25/hr, +$5/hr after six months

    The hours for this role are "whenever you want," so long as you're able to respond to transfer requests quickly, most of the time (and communicate ahead of time when you're not able to transfer for any period — say, for time off, or when you're busy with things).

    The person offered this role will need to complete a paid trial period of one to two months before a more formalized continued agreement is put in place.

    If you think you would be a great candidate, you can apply by putting together the following:

    • Your resumé or some resumé-like document, giving us an idea of your work history and experience. PDF format, please.
    • A cover letter-like document, in PDF format, telling us about yourself, why you are applying, why you'd be good in this role, how you'd measure success, and anything else you'd like to add. Feel free to go beyond the traditional "single page" of a typical cover letter, we're asking for more info than what you'd normally include.

    When you've put together the above, please fill out and upload the above documents via this form.

    You will receive an email response letting you know we got the application, then you'll receive an email letting you know whether you made it to the next stage (or not). We email everybody who applies, but we also get a lot of applications, so please be patient! The hiring process for this position is:

    1. Submit application
    2. Short interview
    3. Long interview (maybe)
    4. One to two month trial period
    5. Continuation agreement

    Sometimes things change, but the above is probably pretty close to what will happen.

    If you have any questions, please email