Community Manager

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    The community manager's mission is to make the WaniKani Community the best place on the web to study and learn Japanese. They are to help learners go from zero kanji learned to ten kanji learned. Then a hundred. Then 1,000. Then 2,000. Like most roles at Tofugu, how you go about achieving that is going to be up to you. We're looking for someone who can show us how it's done, think of things we've never even thought about, and help learners to make progress in their Japanese all through community. Most of your time will be spent on the WaniKani community, though there may be some time spent on the Tofugu community as well. Your goal is to help as many people as you can with their Japanese, so you can figure out how and where you should spend your time in order to achieve that.

    One thing to add: Unlike most community manager positions, we won't measure success by number of likes, retweets, follower growth, etc. Social media, as a medium (forget for a moment the actual content itself, as well as the fact that social media is built to be as addicting as possible — we're talking the vessel, a.k.a. the medium, itself here), does not encourage meaningful learning or depth. Instead, the medium that is social media (not to mention "the Internet") encourages individuals to process as much information as possible, as quickly as possible, as often as possible. That is, you see a lot, and maybe you feel like you're learning many disparate things, but it is all at an extremely shallow level.

    To learn a language (to learn anything really), linear thought, focus, and a bit of pain are necessary in order to make meaningful progress. That is all a quick way of saying that social media is not a large part of this job, and that we're looking for someone who can work to nurture a community of learners who appreciate, or come to appreciate, depth as an important aspect of learning and using what you've learned. If your plan of attack is "growing our Twitter followers to a million," or "get us on TikTok," this is probably not the role for you.

    The Work

    How you make progress toward achieving the role's mission (make our community the best place to learn Japanese on the web), and the company's mission (helping people to learn and use the Japanese they've learned) is up to you. What we're saying is: you get to figure out what the work is, as long as you're showing consistent progress toward the missions.

    If we were to imagine what this role might look like, it'd probably be some interacting with the community through posts and live webinars, posting new articles on our social media (because somebody has to do it), reporting back to the company with insights you've gained, and 🤷🏻. That's why we're looking for someone who can exceed our imagination, because we want to go well beyond what's found in "typical" community manager job descriptions.


    • You are a learner of Japanese — preferably "intermediate" or “advanced" level, or higher. Probably somewhere around N3, N2, N1 or equivalent.
    • You're an excellent writer, speaker, and communicator. You'll probably be interacting with a lot of different people, after all.
    • You think outside the box. A typical community manager isn't what we're looking for here.


    Job Type: Part-time, Hourly, Contractor (~10-20 hrs/week)
    Work Hours: Flexible
    Work Location: Remote, Worldwide
    Pay: $75/hr

    The hours for this role are “whenever you want," so long as you're able to keep to a regular schedule and host webinars (if applicable) during popular time zones. This is a contractor position, so employee benefits do not apply.

    The person offered this role will need to complete a paid trial period of ~10 hours per week for one to two months before a more formalized continued agreement is put in place.

    If you think you would be a great candidate, you can apply by putting together the following:

    • Your resumé or some resumé-like document, giving us an idea of your work history and experience. PDF format, please.
    • A cover letter-like document, in PDF format, telling us about yourself, why you're applying, and:
      • Your big-picture thoughts around the success of this role.
      • How you would measure success.
      • Big picture of how you would help learners to learn more, learn more quickly, learn with more depth, as well as how you'd help them to use what they've learned.
      • And anything else you'd like to add.
    • Create a content calendar with a month's worth of content/activities, etc. you'd do if you got the job. You shouldn't actually create all this content — just a title, short description, and any other relevant info or context for each is fine. Then, choose two to three items from your content calendar and complete them. Actually create or write them up. They should be finished and ready to publish or carry out, so to speak. Please also include any relevant info or context for these as well, so we understand where they'll go or what the thinking was behind them.
    • Propose a recurring webinar, or live event, you would host. Feel free to include this in your content calendar, though please write up your webinar/live event separately and turn it in here. PDF format, if possible.

    When you've put together the above, please fill out and upload (10MB limit for each upload) the documents to the following form:

    You will receive an email response letting you know if you made it to the next step. We get a lot of applications, though, so please be patient! The hiring process for this position is:

    1. Submit application & work challenge
    2. Short interview
    3. Long interview
    4. One to two month trial period at ~10 hours/week
    5. Hire (if we all feel like it's a fit)

    Sometimes things change, but the above is probably pretty close to correct.

    If you have any questions, please email