Ako Nihongo Lessons and 日本語 with あこ

    Ako Suzuki, a well-known sensei on Twitter, has about 20 years of experience teaching Japanese. Last year, she created the YouTube channel Ako Nihongo Lessons and the podcast 日本語 with あこ as a new challenge.

    Ako-sensei's YouTube channel has videos for all the JLPT levels, with a special focus on levels N2, N3 and N4. And さすが Ako-sensei, the quality of her lessons is very high. It doubles up as listening and vocabulary practice, so it's definitely a channel worth subscribing to!

    The podcast offers discussions on various topics, with a variety of Japanese speakers. Although the episodes are entirely in Japanese, the conversations are slow and clear so that Japanese learners can understand them. This podcast could be an entertaining way to increase your Japanese listening skills.