Godzilla Behind the Scenes What is Godzilla Doing When He’s Not Knocking Buildings Down?

    Because the new Godzilla film recently came out, and because we basically just love all things Godzilla, I thought I’d treat you to something that makes Godzilla about a hundred times better. Sadly, you’ll never see any of this in the new Godzilla movies, but at least now it’s confirmed that giant rubber suits > CGI Godzilla every day of the week. Let’s take a look at some old-timey behind the scenes Godzilla photos that I came across on i09. It really makes you appreciate how much work went into each film, if anything.

    man in a godzilla costume drinking tea

    The first Godzilla suit ever made was 220 pounds and the first Godzilla suit performer, Haruo Nakajima was said to have drained a cup of sweat after a day of acting.

    godzilla with a young kid in a baseball cap

    Son of Godzilla feels a lot like those Ewok Star Wars movies to me, but you gotta love the suit and the child acting.

    godzilla and giant lobster behind the scenes

    The Godzilla VS The Sea Monster set looks amazing. A giant pool, some wires, and a lot of tall boots.

    godzilla and king kong

    An ape, a giant lizard, and a Shinto priest walk into a bar…

    men attacking godzilla life size as in human size

    This particular Godzilla apparently had a drinking problem.

    shopping santa godzilla black and white photo

    Nothing says Christmas more than Godzilla with a ton of shopping bags.

    godzilla kissing a woman

    This makes me the most jealous man in the world right now.

    godzilla costume in a wheelbarrow

    Little Godzilla is all tuckered out after a day of smushing buildings.

    godzilla and friends in a school gym

    Godzilla, the greatest power forward this world has ever seen.

    godzilla hugging woman in white dress

    What’s going on in the bottom right of this photo?

    three men carrying a stretcher with godzilla on it

    I hope there isn’t a person inside of that suit, still.

    old photo godzilla shaking hands with children

    Oh sure, people say that Gamera was a friend to the children, but the original true friend was Godzilla.

    godzilla take one godzilla on set

    I like to imagine the joke that the person inside the Godzilla suit said right before this photo was taken.

    godzilla versus mothra on set with humans life scale

    That guy is looking inside of Rodan’s… ahem.

    Godzilla with sad friends man frowning and pterodactyl

    Aww, look at that little guy.

    godzilla and others on a parade float

    The world’s greatest crossover.

    godzilla with children head on backwards

    Ahhh! Your neck! Your neck!!

    godzilla with beautiful women

    Time for a poooolll parrtttyyy!

    godzilla dancing with women and illustrated spaceships

    When Godzilla jumped the shark.

    godzilla with man behind his tail

    I want a trailer, a massage, and a bottle of saké, this instant!

    godzilla behind some japanese women

    This is not right.

    godzilla held up with strings

    It’s amazing the things they did to make things fly.

    godzilla with a couple

    Never, ever, put your fingers in there.

    godzilla on a date young japanese woman with parasol

    Date night, part two.

    godzilla on a building with set directors

    All that work, only to have it crushed. Gloriously crushed.

    godzilla with makeup artists and costume directors

    So much skin to peel off.

    mothra crushed eiffel tower

    Ahhh yesss. This one is developing well.

    godzilla talking to tsuburaya

    “A little more stomping, and quit looking at the camera.”

    godzilla monsters and their creators a very serious photo

    So many monsters!

    godzilla in hawaii woman in a hula skirt

    Now that Tokyo’s destroyed, it’s time for Godzilla to take a little vacation.

    godzilla behind a woman


    godzilla writing japanese kanji for a group of people

    In its free time, Godzilla would teach orphans how to read.

    man in a godzilla costume learning how to walk

    When you get inside a Godzilla suit, you have to learn how to walk all over again.

    japanese godzilla costume maker without paint

    Original Godzilla suit, handmade by this guy.

    godzilla and friends with actors in japan

    What do you mean you don’t want to knock down the castle?

    godzilla and mini godzilla and tsuburaya

    “You’ve got yourself a deal, friend. This littler Godzilla is all yours.”

    godzilla man in a suit in the water

    I can’t imagine what it’s like to wear one of these underwater.

    godzilla suit and a man holding a crying child

    And last but not least, I leave you with quite possibly the greatest photo ever taken.