The Otagi-Nenbutsu-ji is a temple in Kyoto-Prefecture known for its 1200 Rakan Statues, all made by a different amateur. You can tell that they’re all amateur carvers as well… not because they’re bad, because they’re a lot of fun! No, it’s because of how unique each one is.

I had a lot of fun visiting the temple with the Gakuranman, who actually introduced me to this place.


    I love their little “moss heads”! So cute.

  • IndigoSelvedge

    Reminds me of the Gohyaku Rakan in Kawagoe. Very cool.

  • zingerau

    Nice. Just spent way too much time in Gakuranman’s site (that red link just had to be clicked) Damn his post apocalyptic image looks like “Log Horizon” :D

  • Jane

    These videos are awesome!! I’m going to Japan in 2 months and looking for the best sites to visit… Please make more!!