It seems like there’s an island for everything in Japan. In this case, we have an island covered in modern art. There was also a James Bond museum, because one of the James Bond books took place here. This is a nice getaway for anyone who’s into art, isn’t a fan of the crowds, and who wouldn’t mind a few adorable cats thrown into the mix.


    It’s an ART ISLAND! Love this. I want to go to there.

  • Ashley Tieman

    Is the first station Kojima (Okayama Prefecture)? If so, that was my home station when I lived in Japan!

  • poo


  • malena_l

    I didn’t think of videotaping my day trip there and this made up for that. Thanks Koichi. This brought back memories, but how could I’ve missed the cats? Btw, I don’t think Naoshima is a weird place to travel, but then I also went to visit Gunkajima.

  • Nathan

    Mmmm… mmm… road porn. yeah. Look at that beautiful white line. XD

    I’m moving to Japan in a couple of weeks, so I’m gonna add this as a must see!