Spring 2014 Anime Roundup


Finally! At long last! Spring! Is! Here! Praises be. For it is anime time. Last season (Winter 2014) brought us some surprise favorites, and I wasn't sure if Spring 2014 was going to offer anything impressive when I first … [Read more...]

Winter 2014 Anime Roundup


Well, it's that time of year again. New anime is here. Last season (Fall 2013) was pretty decent, but this coming season looks promising as well. What shows will you be watching this winter, all cozy with your blanket and … [Read more...]

Fall 2013 Anime Roundup


Let's be honest. Summer 2013's anime season was pretty terrible. But luckily the anime gods have smiled upon us this fall season, because it looks to be one of the best seasons in the history of these roundups. I'm super … [Read more...]

Summer 2013 Anime Season Roundup


Summer is here in full swing and along with the scorching heat comes a new season of anime for us to enjoy. Spring 2013′s anime season had two great shows come out of it (Suisei no Gargantia and Shingeki no Kyojin) and … [Read more...]

Winter 2013 Anime Season Roundup


With the new year comes yet another new anime season. Last season (Fall 2012) boasted a pretty solid lineup, but how will Winter 2013 fare? I watched the best looking ones I could find, and the results might surprise you. … [Read more...]

Fall 2012 Anime Season Roundup


This anime season looks awesome. I can't remember the last time I was this impressed with an anime season's lineup. It's been a year since I started writing these quarterly anime roundups, and I can definitely say that … [Read more...]

Summer 2012 Anime Season Roundup


It's that time of year again, and another season of new anime is upon us. While looking over the lineup for this summer, I thought they all looked pretty generic (even more generic than Spring 2012's lineup). But there … [Read more...]

Spring 2012 Anime Season Roundup


Spring is here, and with a new season comes lots of new anime for all of us to feast our eyes upon. I mean, we can't just stare at cherry blossoms forever - we have to do something else with our spring days eventually. … [Read more...]

Winter 2012 Anime Season Roundup

best evar

For the previous anime season (Fall 2011) I put out a post entitled Fall 2011 Anime Season Roundup. Since that went over so well with you guys we've decided to make it a regular thing. There are a lot of new shows this … [Read more...]

Fall 2011 Anime Season Roundup


Every season Japan presents to us a slew of new anime to watch (over twenty this season, for those who were wondering) and every season I wade through these new shows to find out what's worth watching. In this post, I do … [Read more...]

Plasticky Crêpes

Crepe Display located in Kiyomizu-dera.

Let’s change up the pace a bit. Enough with the language lectures; let’s talk about crêpes! What is so interesting about crêpes you might ask? Not a whole lot. I’m just salivating for a crêpe at this very moment, hence … [Read more...]