John’s Japanese Club Experience


Clubbing in Japan was most definitely a new experience for me. As an American, I'm used to a certain sort of "routine" when it comes to going out, so clubbing in Japan was pretty wacky. I only went out twice during my ten … [Read more...]

Japan’s Real-Life DJ Hero


DJs today get a bad rap. People seem to think that being a DJ nowadays means simply pressing play and letting the music ride. That's not always the case though. A lot of DJs around the world still work hard at their … [Read more...]

The Wonderful Wizards of -OZ-


"Really? Another heavy J-rock band? C'mon, John, mix it up a bit here!" Yes, I know I just wrote a post about Fear, And Loathing in Las Vegas last weekend, but writing that post made me remember the band -OZ- another one … [Read more...]