Interview with Sarah Feinerman from Design Festa

International Art Event Design Festa is an explosion of creativity that happens twice a year at Japan's largest convention center, Tokyo Big Sight. It's the largest art event of its kind in Asia, so big that it recently … [Read more...]

Learning Japanese From Songs (And What This Method Has Taught Me About the Language)

You can't learn a language just by studying vocabulary and grammar. There has to be something you give a damn about understanding in the long run. If you're studying Japanese, maybe that's watching anime or reading manga … [Read more...]

Getting Famous in Japan the One Direction Way

Japan is a popular target market for pop singers that want to take their fame internationally, particularly, it seems, when it comes to debuting in Asia. Is it because of the infectious fan base? Is it because the fandom … [Read more...]

Mr. Heavy Metal: An Interview with Marty Friedman

Imagination time: You're one of the world's greatest guitar players and a pioneer of the metal genre. You've had an illustrious career in the U.S. and it shows no signs of stopping. You're at the top of the world! Where do … [Read more...]

What Do Japanese Telephones Have to Do With Disco? [Saturday Timewaster]

Well, The Telephones are a band, and many of their song titles have something to do with disco, so there's the answer to your question. But don't leave yet! There's so much more entertainment ahead, I promise! Formed in … [Read more...]

Don’t Know Polysics? You’re Missing Out On The Most Eccentric Band In Japan. [Saturday Timewaster]

I would like to dedicate this short post to our good friend Hashi. Little Hashi has not heard the fantasicality that is Polysics (the poor, poor boy), and I figured if someone as cool and well internetted as he had not … [Read more...]

Air Sex (repost)

One of the most interesting sexy pedophilic doggy sexxy lovey horrifying phenomenons I've ever seen: Air Sex. Air Sex (エアセクス) is a combination between air guitar and awkward sex, resulting in a fiery show of love, … [Read more...]