The Evolution of Karate


Karate stands alongside the likes of judo, kendo, and sumo as one of Japan’s most famous martial arts. However, as Karate Kid II taught us, karate was born in Okinawa. Not only that, but it was born in a time when Okinawa … [Read more...]

The Japanese Robin Hoods


Did you know Japan had not one, but two Robin Hoods? Yes, these two stole from the rich and gave to the poor, risking their lives to help the common people. They were called Ishikawa Goemon and Nezumi Kozo. They might not … [Read more...]

Boys, Be Ambitious


In Japan's long history, there are lots of instances of foreign culture unexpectedly seeping into Japanese culture. It's why a stapler is called a “Hotchkiss” in Japanese, and why a lot of Japanese choirs have a Croatian … [Read more...]