Adjectives are great for describing things. So, how would you describe your Japanese learning? Is it smart? Is it efficient? This Anki deck (with some extras) aims to help with that, teaching you the 200 most essential and useful adjectives out there. From 1,000 adjectives down to approximately 200, this product lives by the 80-20 rule. This means that you can learn 20% of the Japanese adjectives out there and get 80, 90, perhaps even 95% of the benefit. Why? Because these 20% are the adjectives being used most of the time. The other 5-20%? That’s 800 words you probably don’t need to know (at least right now).

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  • Over the long run, saves you a ton of time (you get the same benefit of years worth of Japanese verbs learning within a month or two).
  • Get a ton of benefit out of less time and effort (meaning you can spend more time studying other important things!).
  • Comes with both a PDF and Excel spreadsheet which includes the words in kana, kanji, romaji, and more.
  • Audio for all of the adjectives.
  • If you’re a TextFugu member, you can get this for free!
  • Since it’s a deck on Anki, you can use this list on nearly every operating system imaginable (and Anki is free).
  • Everything’s digital, so you don’t have to wait to get it in the mail after you buy it. Instant download via email!
  • Learn the adjectives you need to know, not the ones you don’t need to know (at least not right now).


  • $10 for an Anki Vocab deck (most vocab decks for Anki are free, though this one is kind of special!)
  • Uses Anki — while this isn’t a bad thing if you’re like most people and like Anki, if you’re not an Anki user you either won’t be able to use this or will need to export the list from Anki to be used in your preferred SRS flashcards program.

Final Word?

Knowing vocabulary is essential to communication in Japanese (or any language). This deck (as well as the other “Ultimate Decks”) aim to help you get as good as possible in the shortest amount of time. It’s not a shortcut, it’s more of a hack. You still should learn the other 800 adjectives eventually, but why not learn the 200 that will get you 80% of the benefit now, and worry about the rest later? Besides, the sooner you start using your Japanese, the better you’re going to get. This Anki deck (along with the supplemental materials) will help you do that.

One note, though — if you’re a member of TextFugu, you can get this for free (it’s part of the lessons), so don’t buy this unless you’re not a member.

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