Spaced repetition system (SRS) is a popular learning technique that helps you remember things by reviewing them over time, usually by using flashcards. subs2srs is a program for Windows and Linux that takes subtitles (subs) from anything imaginable (movies, TV shows, music videos) and uses them in an SRS by turning them into flashcards. These flashcards not only have text, but can also include video and audio as well.

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  • Free!
  • Supports a variety of formats.
  • Perfect companion to the ever-popular Anki.
  • Highly configurable.


  • Windows and Linux only — no Mac version.
  • Complicated interface can be confusing.

Final Word?

If you’re someone who already watches Japanese movies or TV, then subs2srs will fit perfectly into your study regimen. You can take the videos that you know and love and use them to learn Japanese. If you don’t watch a whole lot of videos in Japanese, then subs2srs probably isn’t for you.

The program itself is great; subs2srs can pretty much handle any subtitle, video, or audio format that you can throw at it. But terms of the interface, subs2srs faces a problem lots of programs face: lots of options make for a complicated interface. It’s great that subs2srs provides its users with a lot of options, but it can also be very overwhelming for new users.