If you’re looking for Japanese audio to practice with, JapanesePod101 is probably going to be your best bet. Although the site is difficult to use (and signing up is kind of a hassle as well), once you get in and figure things out, you’ll have access to more Japanese audio content and lessons than you ever thought existed.

Visit JapanesePod101.com →


  • A ton of audio along with supplemental material
  • Great program to pair with your regular Japanese learning
  • Lots of updates and new content (not that you’ll ever get through all the content already there, though)
  • Decent to good voice actors — they do specialize in audio, after all.
  • Can sign up for a free limited account too, but I’m sure you’ll get a ton of the emails I hate so much (see below in cons).
  • Free iTunes podcasts.


  • Probably not best used alone — use it with another resource to get the best results
  • Signs you up for a ton of promotional emails that border on spam.
  • Site is difficult to navigate.
  • Sign up process isn’t very intuitive.
  • You can’t choose your username for the site — it creates a random one for you.

Final Word?

While JapanesePod101 is a good resource, and really great to use with other Japanese study methods, I just can’t stand all the spammy-feeling emails and the whole username issue (I know, not a big deal, but still something that bothers me). I like their service and their content (and so do many other people) but I just hope that in the future the overall experience can be made better as well. That being said, it’s still a very recommended resource, and you shouldn’t let those cons offset you too much!