“Learn hiragana through mnemonics in a day”

Hiragana42 is an ebook by Koichi (of Tofugu) for people looking to learn how to read hiragana. Using mnemonics, it’s possible to learn all the hiragana in days or even hours (one person emailed us saying it took him 30 minutes to be able to read everything!). Since most Japanese resources require you to know at least hiragana, you’ll be opening doors to all sorts of other books you could never use previously. Hiragana42’s aim is to get you to that point very quickly without sacrificing quality.

Download Hiragana42 (Free)


  • Totally freeeeee!
  • Uses mnemonics to help you to learn hiragana quickly and effectively.
  • Includes a handsome hiragana chart.
  • Nice and printable for studies on the go.
  • Includes the number 42 in the title. Why? Because it’s “The Answer.”


  • Doesn’t cover hand writing hiragana (who writes with their hands these days anyways?).



Final Word?

If you’re looking to learn Japanese, you should start that journey with hiragana. If you’re looking to learn hiragana, give Hiragana42 a try. You’ve got nothing to lose and I think it’s one of the best ways to learn hiragana out there. Of course I’m totally bias because I wrote the textbook and I’m writing this review, but if I were to do hiragana over again I’d have used this instead of wasting months of my life the traditional way.