Saturday Timewaster

What Do Japanese Telephones Have to Do With Disco? [Saturday Timewaster]

Well, The Telephones are a band, and many of their song titles have something to do with disco, so there's the answer to your question. But don't leave yet! There's so much more entertainment ahead, I promise! Formed in … [Read more...]

Don’t Know Polysics? You’re Missing Out On The Most Eccentric Band In Japan. [Saturday Timewaster]

I would like to dedicate this short post to our good friend Hashi. Little Hashi has not heard the fantasicality that is Polysics (the poor, poor boy), and I figured if someone as cool and well internetted as he had not … [Read more...]

Galileo Galilei is Ready to Rock [Saturday Timewaster]

Yo ガリレオガリレイ, Imma let you finish, but Galileo Galilei was the best scientist of all time. I stumbled upon Galileo Galilei (ガリレオガリレイ) earlier this week while watching Mobile Suit Gundam AGE because they do the opening song … [Read more...]