How to Get a Job in Japan


This Monday I wrote a post entitled 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Major in Japanese (and 2 You Might Consider It). This post is a follow up to that. A lot of people want to know about the best ways to get over to Japan and the … [Read more...]

Japan’s Strangest Animator?


There are some videos that I never get sick of watching; among them is 森の安藤, or “Mr. Ando of the Woods,” a bizarre animated short about a penguin who saves a community of forest animals from the evils of human … [Read more...]

Japan’s Real-Life DJ Hero


DJs today get a bad rap. People seem to think that being a DJ nowadays means simply pressing play and letting the music ride. That's not always the case though. A lot of DJs around the world still work hard at their … [Read more...]