Ugly Logo Contest Winners


Last week, we kicked off a contest, mainly for my own amusement, to see who could create the ugliest version of the beloved Tofugu mascot. The prize was a free copy of Japanese, an iOS app that includes a Japanese-English … [Read more...]

Maru Turns 6


There's no shortage of excellent YouTube videos coming out of Japan (even if some of them are just ripped from NicoNico) made by a lot of different people; but hands down the most famous Japanese YouTuber isn't a person, … [Read more...]

DIY Japanese Candy Kits


Japanese candy seems exotic and exciting to most of the rest of the world; between the novelty flavors, seasonal varieties, and unique packaging, Japanese candy really intrigues people. One type of candy in particular … [Read more...]

Japanese Dog Is Smarter Than You


Japan, more than any other country, seems to have mastered the art of using adorable pets for internet fame. In the past we've covered some of Japan's greatest cat videos (including the incomparable Maru), and the adorable … [Read more...]

Japan’s Cosplay Graduations


While the Tofugu team was in Japan, we were hanging out with some graduates of Kyoto University, one of Japan's finest schools. We asked them about their alma mater, and they showed us a YouTube video of Kyodai's … [Read more...]