Fashionista By No Means


The sticky mat draws particles away from my shoes before I slip on disposable fiber booties.  Donning a hairnet, I secure a face mask as I proceed to wash my hands and pull on blue nitrile gloves.  Next I zip myself into a … [Read more...]

Knitting For Jizō


One of the first sightseeing missions I embarked on while in Japan in 2005 was to Kamakura, a small, sleepy town to the south of Tokyo. Kamakura has a lot to offer for a day trip: a ton of temples within walking distance … [Read more...]

Japan’s Clinic on the Sea


So I was checking out some J-dramas this past week and I discovered this new show based on a real thing that I didn't know about. Apparently, in one area of Japan there's a mobile boat clinic that goes around and helps out … [Read more...]

Mt. Fuji, The Ticking Timebomb


That iconic Mt. Fuji shape! Really, when you imagine "Japan" it's difficult for Mt. Fuji not to show up. Up there with samurai, sushi, and Tom Cruise, there isn't much out there that is more "Japanese." I mean look at it. … [Read more...]