A Bridge Across Time


Nagasaki’s Megane-bashi (Spectacles Bridge) got its name from the way the reflection of its double arches in the river combine with the bridge itself to look like a pair of glasses. In addition to its historical … [Read more...]

Fashionista By No Means


The sticky mat draws particles away from my shoes before I slip on disposable fiber booties.  Donning a hairnet, I secure a face mask as I proceed to wash my hands and pull on blue nitrile gloves.  Next I zip myself into a … [Read more...]

Knitting For Jizō


One of the first sightseeing missions I embarked on while in Japan in 2005 was to Kamakura, a small, sleepy town to the south of Tokyo. Kamakura has a lot to offer for a day trip: a ton of temples within walking distance … [Read more...]

Japan’s Clinic on the Sea


So I was checking out some J-dramas this past week and I discovered this new show based on a real thing that I didn't know about. Apparently, in one area of Japan there's a mobile boat clinic that goes around and helps out … [Read more...]