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Playing With Words Japanese Style: Kotoba Asobi

Words words words! Tofugu has done various posts about various types of wordplay in the past, but I thought that I would contribute my own compilation of fun things that you can do with those (Japanese) sounds that make … [Read more...]

Japanese, The Borrower Language Part 1: Where The Japanese Language Came From

English loanwords in Japanese are often a source of amusement for native speakers of English learning Japanese as a second language. There’s so many of them, it seems like if you don’t know a word in Japanese, you can just … [Read more...]

Coming Soon And Codenamed “Kuma” – Advanced Japanese Study Materials

For the last month I've been working hard on advanced materials for TextFugu. During that time, some changes have happened in my mind, and one way or another (I'll explain in a second), it came to be that instead of an … [Read more...]