Knitting For Jizō


One of the first sightseeing missions I embarked on while in Japan in 2005 was to Kamakura, a small, sleepy town to the south of Tokyo. Kamakura has a lot to offer for a day trip: a ton of temples within walking distance … [Read more...]

Gettin’ Summer Nude In Japan


Every once in a great while when the stars, planets, and fates align – a new Japanese drama comes out that really grabs my attention. I've found another one. Last year I wrote a post about Watashi ga Renai Dekinai Riyuu … [Read more...]

Ugly Logo Contest Winners


Last week, we kicked off a contest, mainly for my own amusement, to see who could create the ugliest version of the beloved Tofugu mascot. The prize was a free copy of Japanese, an iOS app that includes a Japanese-English … [Read more...]

John’s Top 10 Anime Series


So far I've written about my Top 10 Strange Japanese Movies, Horror Films, and Dramas. I've been writing quarterly anime roundups for a while now, but no top 10 anime list. Until now. And I realize that many of these … [Read more...]

Manga Tropes Revisited


A while back I wrote about some of the more popular tropes used in manga (and anime too!). A single post really doesn't do the topic justice, though, given the huge number of manga tropes out there. The tropes I covered … [Read more...]