Going Cashless in Japan


When the Tofugu team visited Japan earlier this year, we went through the process of trading our dollars for yen (at a great exchange rate, thank you Mr. Abe), a typical step in visiting a foreign country. But recently … [Read more...]

How Pachinko Keeps You Sucked In


Even though I was way too young to gamble the first time I visited Japan, pachinko really interested me. My dad tried to take us into a pachinko parlor to see what the hubbub was about, but the staff quickly spotted a then … [Read more...]

Keeping Trains Safe


When the Tofugu team was in Japan earlier this year, Japan's safety measures (or lack thereof) astounded me. In the US, everything has to have a label and a warning, otherwise people will get hurt and sue the hell out of … [Read more...]