The Boxiness Of Japanese Cars


When you're in Japan, one thing you'll immediately notice is the boxiness of their cars. Sure, not every car looks exactly like a rectangle on wheels, but compared to most other nations in the world Japan is boxy-car … [Read more...]

Insane Japanese Toilets

Japanese-Toilet banner

Japan is known for their crazy advanced technology the world over. And one thing that the Japanese have enjoyed for years that has yet to catch on in America is ridiculously complicated and awesome toilets. Take the … [Read more...]

World’s Biggest UFO Ever!?


No, no - we're not talking about aliens this time (sorry to let you down). The kind of UFO I'm referring to here is the classic Japanese arcade game: The Almighty UFO Catcher (or claw crane game for all you … [Read more...]

Pimp My Ride, Dekotora Style


Move aside Ice Road Truckers. While you may drive your huge rigs in treacherous conditions, there is one thing you are lacking: you aren't doing it in style. Yeah, it's a bummer there are DOT laws and the sort that … [Read more...]