Going Cashless in Japan


When the Tofugu team visited Japan earlier this year, we went through the process of trading our dollars for yen (at a great exchange rate, thank you Mr. Abe), a typical step in visiting a foreign country. But recently … [Read more...]

How Pachinko Keeps You Sucked In


Even though I was way too young to gamble the first time I visited Japan, pachinko really interested me. My dad tried to take us into a pachinko parlor to see what the hubbub was about, but the staff quickly spotted a then … [Read more...]

Keeping Trains Safe


When the Tofugu team was in Japan earlier this year, Japan's safety measures (or lack thereof) astounded me. In the US, everything has to have a label and a warning, otherwise people will get hurt and sue the hell out of … [Read more...]

The Magic of Emoji


Since the invention of typed communication, people have been making faces with punctuation, letters, and numbers. Even back when telegrams were around, people were still finding ways to make faces with what characters they … [Read more...]

A Tale Of Two Yahoo!s

Yahoo Japan

When you hear news about Yahoo, it's rarely good news. There's layoffs, passwords getting stolen, declining profits, a CEO game of musical chairs, and so much more. When you read the comments on any Yahoo! news post, you … [Read more...]