The Basics of Career Life In Japan

Japanese Company Culture

Last week I talked briefly about 過労死 (かろうし, karoshi) and the effects it has on the Japanese society. Branching off of the article and continuing the Japanese business series of articles, we'll take a succinct look into the … [Read more...]

Bowing In Japan [Japanese Etiquette]


A lot of people ask about bowing in Japan, and what they should do if they ever visit or live in Japan. Now, bowing in Japan is so deeply ingrained in culture and society that it's not something people really think too … [Read more...]

It’s Christmas in Japan!

[yframe url=''] I was recently recruited to do a collaborative music video titles "Christmas in Japan" by FatBlueMan, musician extraordinaire (Youtube Account, here). You'll … [Read more...]

Clothing Trends for Spring & Summer ’08

Dark Chiffon

Now that we're safely out of winter, it's time to lighten up! Put away your fuzzy scarves and down-filled jackets and opt instead for floaty fabrics and bright colors. Below are a list of some of the more popular styles … [Read more...]

How to Talk Like a Samurai


It seems as though bushido, i.e. "the way of the warrior," is getting pretty popular amongst several (mostly otaku) groups in Japan. Not only are people speaking like Samurai - using Samurai grammar, vocabulary, etc., but … [Read more...]