Thud! Woman Fundoshi Underwear Boom!


Fundoshi (褌/ふんどし) is the traditional Japanese loincloth or underwear for males, made from a sizable length of cotton. Have you ever seen a naked Japanese guy with one of these wrapped around his undercarriage and tied up … [Read more...]

My Japanese Education


One day, even though I had plans to hang out with my friends Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom, Professor Anderson gave me some homework: “Make one million sentences in English.” About that time, they both of my star friends … [Read more...]

Keanu Reeves and the 47 Ronin


What does Keanu Reeves have to do with the famous Japanese legend of the 47 Ronin? Everything. He has everything to do with it. Hitting the big screens Christmas day 2013, a movie by the title of "47 Ronin" promises to … [Read more...]