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Japan’s Sacrificial Lamb – The Okinawa Military Base Controversy

Despite its small size, Okinawa sure has giant problems. Due to its strategic location, Okinawa has struggled as a pawn in Japanese and US affairs since before World War II. Today, the independent kingdom turned … [Read more...]

Japan’s Solar Revolution – The Sky’s (Not) the Limit

My neighborhood is changing. When you run everyday, you get to know your surroundings. You learn the locations of the essentials - water fountains, vending machines, and toilets. There are familiar faces and places. You … [Read more...]

Did Nara’s Giant Buddha Statue Just Prevent A 7.8 Earthquake?

Nara is a landlocked prefecture in the Kansai/Kinki region of Japan on Honshu Island. It’s well known for the Nara Shika (deer) Park, UNESCO World Heritage Site Todaiji Temple (Eastern Great temple), the Nara Daibutsu … [Read more...]