Is Abenomics Working?


This is a continuation of my previous article, which explains what the 3 arrows of Abenomics are and how they are supposed to work. It's impossible to say with certainty whether Abenomics is working because the data is … [Read more...]

The Seven Best Kanji Of 2013


One year ago (that's 2012), Japan chose their "Kanji Of The Year" and it was 金, aka "gold," (for the second time since this award has existed). They chose gold for the respectable number of gold medals they got in the … [Read more...]

Thud! Woman Fundoshi Underwear Boom!


Fundoshi (褌/ふんどし) is the traditional Japanese loincloth or underwear for males, made from a sizable length of cotton. Have you ever seen a naked Japanese guy with one of these wrapped around his undercarriage and tied up … [Read more...]

The Curse Of Ghibli


Isn’t it weird? Just a couple weeks ago I wrote about the “My Neighbor, Totoro” conspiracy theory. Now I want to tell you about something else that’s both spooky and Ghibli related. There’s a theory out there, especially … [Read more...]