The Rice Ball


A 52-year-old resident was found dead in his Kitakyushu home. While investigating the man’s death, officials discovered a journal. The man was starving, and in his final entry he penned: “3 a.m. This human being hasn’t … [Read more...]

Culture Shock Can Be Nuts


When it comes to food, I’m a bit of a health nut. I love snacking and nuts are my go-to snack. Compared to the other choices that fill snack aisles, nuts are low in sugar and, depending on the variety, unprocessed and … [Read more...]

American Chu-Hi: Not The Same


A while back, one of our delightful Tofugu readers brought something to my attention: Chu-hi in America. I never thought the day would come. “Takara Can Chu-Hi,” in America - not imported, but actually made here. Had my … [Read more...]

Of Lies And Sushi


As a reader of Tofugu, there's a decent chance that you eat or are interested in eating sushi. In fact, the chances of you eating sushi are most likely much higher than the chances that you are eating the type of fish you … [Read more...]

A Dog’s Life, Japan


Nowadays, people see their dogs as part of their family, and they treat them - and spend on them - accordingly. There’s day care, organic food, health insurance, personalized birthday cakes... it all makes some people … [Read more...]