Tenugui: A Cloth Without Limits


“What’s this?” I asked, unfolding the cloth my friend had handed me. It opened into a big rectangle. “It’s a present for you,” he said. “Thanks, but what’s it for?” Aside from its polka-dot pattern the cloth was … [Read more...]

The Economics Of Marriage Hunting


Kekkon Katsudou (結婚活動), most commonly referred to as “konkatsu” (婚活) for short, is perhaps the most dangerous hunts of them all... that hunt of course being “marriage hunting.” The Japanese construct of actively and … [Read more...]

The Science Of Kawaii


Japan is famous for being basically the “Kingdom of Cute.” Of course there's cuteness all over the world, but in Japan it permeates the culture in a way you don't see anywhere else. In the US, a cute mascot for the police … [Read more...]