Boys, Be Ambitious


In Japan's long history, there are lots of instances of foreign culture unexpectedly seeping into Japanese culture. It's why a stapler is called a “Hotchkiss” in Japanese, and why a lot of Japanese choirs have a Croatian … [Read more...]

Guns in Japan


It's a tense time in America. After several mass shootings in the last year or so (including one not too far from Tofugu HQ), some people in the US have started looking into reforming our gun laws. With reform on the … [Read more...]

Is 2013 Your Unlucky Year?


Happy New Year! I've got some bad news for you: this year is going to suck. Well, not for all of us, but for those of us at a particular age, 2013's going to be a really awful year. The best you can really do is just … [Read more...]