Lucky Enough To Be Skilled


Are you feeling the need to take back your own destiny? Or maybe you would rather let chance decide. Either way, it will cost you, and much less than a visit to your local therapist. 100 yen, 500 yen, whatever, this is not … [Read more...]

Culture Shock Can Be Nuts


When it comes to food, I’m a bit of a health nut. I love snacking and nuts are my go-to snack. Compared to the other choices that fill snack aisles, nuts are low in sugar and, depending on the variety, unprocessed and … [Read more...]

Tenugui: A Cloth Without Limits


“What’s this?” I asked, unfolding the cloth my friend had handed me. It opened into a big rectangle. “It’s a present for you,” he said. “Thanks, but what’s it for?” Aside from its polka-dot pattern the cloth was … [Read more...]