Super Japanese Ghouls ‘n Ghosts


Japanese folklore has a rich and terrifying tradition of all sorts of zany ghosts, ghouls, monsters, and goblins. Japanese ghosts collectively known as yūrei (幽霊), and Japanese monsters collectively known as yōkai (妖怪) are … [Read more...]

The Greatest Robbery in Japanese History


Crime in Japan is incredibly low compared to most other countries; it's generally regarded as one of the safest countries in the world. So when there is a crime in Japan, it definitely gets noticed. Did you know that one … [Read more...]

Are These The Oldest Photos Of Japan?


I've seen some old pictures of Japan... but these are really old. We're talking like 1860-1861 here. I didn't know cameras existed at this time (though apparently the first exposure ever was taken in 1827, around 30 years … [Read more...]