“My Social Marathon”


Editor's Note: Since Austin wrote about what it's like being East Asian while living in Japan, I thought it was appropriate to follow it up with Lenna's experience joining a club at her university and what she had to go … [Read more...]

The Difficulty Of Names


Hello! My name is Mami. I am from Japan, but recently moved to Canada. Having experience with foreign people in Japan, as well as being in a foreign place (♬ Ohhh Canada ♪), one thing I have noticed is the difficulty that … [Read more...]

Some Changes At Tofugu


Hey All. Before we go on a short break for the 4th of July holiday, I wanted to relay some changes happening on Tofugu effective today. First, Hashi will be leaving his post as Editor to move on to other things. … [Read more...]

The Best Japan Blogs


People ask me all the time what websites I recommend—what blogs that I read as somebody who writes about Japan. I figure that I'll answer this question once and for all; or at least until people forget that I wrote this … [Read more...]

Walk Like a Japanese Person


I take public transit to Tofugu World Headquarters every day, and in the couple of years I've been commuting, I've seen people commit every faux pas in the book, and generally do some stupid, stupid things. I've watched … [Read more...]