The Science Of Kawaii


Japan is famous for being basically the “Kingdom of Cute.” Of course there's cuteness all over the world, but in Japan it permeates the culture in a way you don't see anywhere else. In the US, a cute mascot for the police … [Read more...]

A Dog’s Life, Japan


Nowadays, people see their dogs as part of their family, and they treat them - and spend on them - accordingly. There’s day care, organic food, health insurance, personalized birthday cakes... it all makes some people … [Read more...]

Maru Turns 6


There's no shortage of excellent YouTube videos coming out of Japan (even if some of them are just ripped from NicoNico) made by a lot of different people; but hands down the most famous Japanese YouTuber isn't a person, … [Read more...]

Japanese Dog Is Smarter Than You


Japan, more than any other country, seems to have mastered the art of using adorable pets for internet fame. In the past we've covered some of Japan's greatest cat videos (including the incomparable Maru), and the adorable … [Read more...]

Japan’s Real-Life Sea Monsters


Unlike a lot of people, I'm not really big on going to the beach. I know that there's this idyllic vision of sun and sand and fun and that sort of thing, but what people fail to realize is that the beach is the gateway to … [Read more...]