Do Your Ears Feel Lucky, Punk?!


In Japanese and Asian cultures, there are many physical traits that are considered to be attractive. A lot of the attractive traits are universally true across most cultures, but there are a few that are more specific to … [Read more...]

Japanese Body Language Guide

Referring to oneself

Ahhh, today's blog post isn't so much of a post, but an announcement of a new addition to our Guide library. It could easily be its own post, but we felt it is more appropriate to segregate it into a guide. About a … [Read more...]

The Basics of Career Life In Japan

Japanese Company Culture

Last week I talked briefly about 過労死 (かろうし, karoshi) and the effects it has on the Japanese society. Branching off of the article and continuing the Japanese business series of articles, we'll take a succinct look into the … [Read more...]

Pimp My Ride, Dekotora Style


Move aside Ice Road Truckers. While you may drive your huge rigs in treacherous conditions, there is one thing you are lacking: you aren't doing it in style. Yeah, it's a bummer there are DOT laws and the sort that … [Read more...]

Plasticky Crêpes

Crepe Display located in Kiyomizu-dera.

Let’s change up the pace a bit. Enough with the language lectures; let’s talk about crêpes! What is so interesting about crêpes you might ask? Not a whole lot. I’m just salivating for a crêpe at this very moment, hence … [Read more...]

How to Win at UFO Catchers

UFO Catcher 3

Aight maggots. It’s time to edumacate you in the fine art of UFO catching. I’m about to present to you tips on how to net yourself a cute stuff j-character without spending a lot of moolah. Koichi spent ¥5,000 figuring out … [Read more...]