Of Lies And Sushi


As a reader of Tofugu, there's a decent chance that you eat or are interested in eating sushi. In fact, the chances of you eating sushi are most likely much higher than the chances that you are eating the type of fish you … [Read more...]

State Of The Fugu 2014


We've gone and done it. 2013 became 2014 and everything is new and different. I thought this would be a good time to write the first ever "State Of The Fugu" post. Maybe it will become a "thing" if I post another one up in … [Read more...]

The Seven Best Kanji Of 2013


One year ago (that's 2012), Japan chose their "Kanji Of The Year" and it was 金, aka "gold," (for the second time since this award has existed). They chose gold for the respectable number of gold medals they got in the … [Read more...]

Tofugu PSA: We’re Hiring!


Tofugu's currently looking for 2-3 part time workers to do a couple of different tasks. One requires you to be here in Portland, OR. The other requires you to be anywhere in the world with an internet connection. The two … [Read more...]