Communicating Without Talking


People like to ooh and aah about the differences between Japanese culture and their own. A few things in particular—language, food, history—are usually the first things catch peoples attention. The biggest differences … [Read more...]

6 Unusual Museums in Japan


In most major cities of the world, you'll find large, prestigious museums: the Museum of Natural History in New York City; the Louvre in Paris; the Smithsonian museums in Washington D.C. Then there are more offbeat, … [Read more...]

Ugly Logo Contest Winners


Last week, we kicked off a contest, mainly for my own amusement, to see who could create the ugliest version of the beloved Tofugu mascot. The prize was a free copy of Japanese, an iOS app that includes a Japanese-English … [Read more...]

A Guide, Review, and Giveaway


I hate to interrupt the normal Tofugu schedule, but we've been working on some other things on Tofugu that, together, warrant their own post. We also want to announce a little giveaway that we're doing! Guide To Rarely … [Read more...]

Going Cashless in Japan


When the Tofugu team visited Japan earlier this year, we went through the process of trading our dollars for yen (at a great exchange rate, thank you Mr. Abe), a typical step in visiting a foreign country. But recently … [Read more...]

Maru Turns 6


There's no shortage of excellent YouTube videos coming out of Japan (even if some of them are just ripped from NicoNico) made by a lot of different people; but hands down the most famous Japanese YouTuber isn't a person, … [Read more...]

DIY Japanese Candy Kits


Japanese candy seems exotic and exciting to most of the rest of the world; between the novelty flavors, seasonal varieties, and unique packaging, Japanese candy really intrigues people. One type of candy in particular … [Read more...]



I'm constantly being reminded that the comments section of Tofugu (or any site, for that matter) can really take on a life of its own. My post a few weeks ago about weird ramen took an unexpected turn in the comments as … [Read more...]

The Japanese Lion King


For some people, Western and Japanese animation are like night and day—two completely different artforms that vary in countless different ways and are more or less incompatible with each other. And while it's true that … [Read more...]

The Best Japan Blogs


People ask me all the time what websites I recommend—what blogs that I read as somebody who writes about Japan. I figure that I'll answer this question once and for all; or at least until people forget that I wrote this … [Read more...]