Manga Tropes Revisited


A while back I wrote about some of the more popular tropes used in manga (and anime too!). A single post really doesn't do the topic justice, though, given the huge number of manga tropes out there. The tropes I covered … [Read more...]

You Might Be a Weeaboo If…


In the early 2000s, 4chan became the site of increasingly heated exchanges between those who were anime and manga fans, and those who, er, weren’t. Or perhaps they were just trolls. Well, trolls or not, their slur of … [Read more...]

Yakult: World Domination


Hey, heard of the Black Death? This delightful plague wiped out half the European population during the 14th century, and was caused by Yersinia pestis. So fatal was this modest bacterium it was once used as biological … [Read more...]

Got ink? Tattooing the Tebori Way


The word tebori (手彫り), literally “hand carving” describes the technique of tattooing by hand which first arose during the Edo period. There are still tattoo artists (彫師, horishi) that practice tebori today, but … [Read more...]

Japan, Why So Kawaii?

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Kawaii (かわいい), most commonly translated as “cute,” is practically everywhere in Japan – and I do mean everywhere. To paraphrase author Mary Roach, the Japanese save money with cute, pray with cute, and even … [Read more...]