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      Using the Keyword Mnemonic Method to Learn Japanese Vocabulary The only brain cheat that's not really cheating

      | Koichi
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      How Kim Ahlstrom, Creator of, Uses Dictionaries to Learn Japanese The best Japanese dictionaries according to a dictionary maniac

      | Kim Ahlstrom
    3. japanese

      27 Katakana Charts: Stroke Order, Mnemonics, Practice, and More Download the chart that fits your learning style

      | Michael Richey
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      "What to Do with One Day in Kyoto" – Kristen AKA "The Shy Vegetarian's Ideal Day In Kyoto"

      | Kristen Dexter
    5. travel

      Gaocchi: Japanese Toys from Floor-to-Ceiling Relive Your or Someone Else's Japanese Childhood

      | Michael Richey
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      "What I Use To Study Japanese" - James from ALT Insider 5 ways James uses SRS to achieve fluency

      | James Winovich
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      10 Secret Onsen (That Aren't so Secret Now That We've Told You About Them) If you can make it to a hitou, you deserve to have it all to yourself

      | Kanae Nakamine
    8. travel

      Meguro Parasitological Museum: A Wonderland of Tapeworms and Malaria Be glad these things don't live inside you (probably)

      | Koichi
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      "What I Use To Study Japanese" - Adam from Jalup NEXT The creator of Jalup NEXT shares his secrets

      | Adam Shapiro
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      New Japanese Learning Resources: May 2017 This month's best tools to help you to learn Japanese

      | Kristen Dexter
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      Boston Career Forum: The Ultimate Guide Everything you need to know to land a job at the BCF

      | Claire Williamson
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      "What I Use To Study Japanese" - Dogen Japanese resources used by a phonetics expert

      | Dogen
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      Japanese Learning Advice from Manga Translator Zack Davisson The award-winning translator of Showa offers his advice

      | Zack Davisson
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      "What I Use To Study Japanese" - Dan from Reajer Japanese resources used by an advanced learner

      | Dan Bornstein
    15. reviews

      Umai Crate: The Definitive Seven-Month Long Review Does MSG make your mouth moist? If so, we have the subscription box for you.

      | Michael Richey
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      New Japanese Learning Resources: April 2017 This month's best tools to help you to learn Japanese

      | Kristen Dexter
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      Omiyage: The Gift You Have to Keep On Giving The social constraint that's actually a lot of fun

      | Carla Sinclair and Michael Richey
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      Otonagai: Spending Your Adult Money on Kid's Collectibles Finally, you have a name for your Pokemon card-buying compulsion

      | Chiaki Hirai
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      Mochi: Japan's Soft, Sweet, Squishy Snack Also, you might choke and die, but try not to think about that

      | Rich
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      Tired of Teaching English: A Guide to Your New Career in Japan A guest post by ALTInsider

      | James Winovich
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      Moving, Retiring, and Living Out Your Life in Japan A Step-by-Step Guide for Foreigners Staying in Japan Till the End

      | Ben Shearon
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      New Japanese Learning Resources: March 2017 This month's best tools to help you to learn Japanese

      | Kristen Dexter
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      Japanese Blood Types: And What They Say About Your Personality An Easy Way to Find Your Compatibility with Japanese Friends

      | Kanae Nakamine
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      How the Japanese Government is Killing Yatai Food Carts Is This the End of Japan's First Fast Food?

      | Eryk
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      Japanese Particle MONONO: The Definitive Guide I was confused by the meaning of ものの, but then I found the perfect guide.

      | Dan Bornstein
    26. travel

      Izu Shaboten Park's Capybara Onsen The world's largest rodent gets friendly (and clean!)

      | Linda Lombardi
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      The 10 Best Onsen Resort Towns in Japan Get Naked with Strangers and Soak Up the Relaxation

      | Kanae Nakamine
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      "What I Use To Study Japanese" - Koichi from Tofugu All the Resources and Techniques the Tofugu Founder Uses To Improve his Japanese Fluency

      | Koichi
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      New Japanese Learning Resources: February 2017 This month's best tools to help you to learn Japanese

      | Kristen Dexter
    30. interviews

      Nintendo Collection Master, Isao Yamazaki The First Nintendo historian is also the first Nintendo museum curator

      | Michael Richey and Kanae Nakamine
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      Japanese Particle KANA: The Definitive Guide I wonder if there are more uses than just "I wonder...?"

      | Jack
    32. reviews

      Your Name – The Highest Grossing Anime Film Ever Is Director Makoto Shinkai the next Miyazaki?

      | Tom Pinchuk
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      Why Japan Will Lose 20 Million People by 2050 Bring in the robots, immigrants, and women!

      | Michael Richey
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      New Japanese Learning Resources: January 2017 This month's best tools to help you to learn Japanese

      | Kristen Dexter
    35. interviews

      Japan's 10-Year-Old Philosopher, Published Author, and Grade School Dropout Big thoughts from a small boy who ponders bullying, education, and happiness

      | Michael Richey and Kanae Nakamine
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      Crispy, Crunchy, Crawly: Eating Bugs in Japan Your new sustainable, nutritious diet

      | Kanae Nakamine
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      Washitsu: A Japanese Room for Guests, Family, or Alone Time One room with a gazillion uses

      | Joel Neff
    38. japan

      How to Buy a New House in Japan A simple guide to finding your dream home

      | Joel Neff
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      The 20 Best Anime Movies Not Made by Studio Ghibli Japanese Animation Cinema Ranked (No Totoros Allowed)

      | Rich
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      Tofugu's Favorite Posts of 2016 We tell you what to like so you don't have to

      | Koichi, Viet Hoang, Michael Richey, Carla Sinclair, Kristen Dexter, Mami Suzuki, Kanae Nakamine, Jamal Lee, and Aya Francisco
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      How to Score Yourself Ghibli Museum Tickets Before It's Too Late Here are the 4 best ways

      | Carla Sinclair
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      State Shinto: A Religion Interrupted How the Japanese Government took over the country's native religion

      | Eryk