This is a friendly fugu public service announcement. We’ve posted up three different job opportunities here at Tofugu. They are:

  • Content Assistant (1 position available)
  • Summer Intern (1-2 positions available)
  • Trial Writer (1-5 positions available)

Although it’s probably best if you just head on over to our Tofugu Jobs Page to learn more, here is a quick summary of the three positions:

Content Assistant


This is the biggest position available right now. Essentially it comes down to content and being able to produce a lot of it… without sacrificing quality. The content you will be assisting with includes but is not limited to: video, articles, guides, reviews, and social media. This means we are looking for someone who has experience in both writing and film, with an emphasis on writing.

We are currently looking for someone to fill this position on a part time basis with potential for full time down the road, should the shoe fit. Please take a look at the Content Assistant section on our jobs page for more information.

Application Due Date: March 23, 2014

Summer Intern(s)


Every summer Tofugu runs an internship with the sole purpose of giving all you poor Japanese Studies majors hope (just a little bit). A couple bits of good news for this summer in particular. First, we’re posting this announcement up nice and early. This time we’ll be catching all you early-summer colleges in time. Second, it’s going to be the first summer where we pay our interns hourly (in the past it was either a living/education stipend or nothing at all). So, you know, you might be able to eat food and get off the streets.

The internship will have a set curriculum to it with several goals from our end, but we’ll also be attempting to focus part of the internship on your own interests and future dreams as well. If you’re interested in learning the “Ways of the Fugu” in a mostly educational sort of way, please consider applying for the Tofugu Internship.

Application Due Date: May 1, 2014

Trial Blog Writer(s)


Occasionally we are looking for new writers to bring into the fold. But, there’s a trial period to find out whether or not you’re reliable and consistent enough. This position is that trial.

If you consider yourself a writer and would be interested in writing articles for Tofugu, please take a look at the Trial Writers section of our jobs page.

Application Due Date: March 23, 2014


If you have any questions feel free to post them in the comments below and I’ll try to get back to them. Good luck to everyone who applies!

  • name

    give me a job pls

  • name



    Looks like a lot of fun is in store for those who seek it. Good luck to everyone applying!

  • Victoria

    I know that Tofugu works internationally, however I was wondering if you preferred the content assistant to be on-site or if it’s alright that he/she would be working off-site?

  • Little Wonder

    I find it just amazing that Tofugu started off as just a blog written by a guy who wished to make his living off the web and began working along side some friends to a whole company with multiple workers. I love this site. It’s funny, informative, and inspirational.

  • Leo D.

    Have you seen The Wolf of Wall Street? That film is based on Tofugu.

  • Viet

    Hi Victoria

    The blog writer position is a contracting + telecommuting position. So yes, the position holders can be off-site.

  • Yannik

    You’ve got mail! ;)

  • koichi

    Needs more quaaludes

  • Nikholasu

    So what happened between Tofugu and Cristina, the girl that was doing the videos?

  • koichi

    Just wasn’t the right fit.

  • JLaw

    I wouldn’t want you wreaking your white Lambo.

  • 古戸ヱリカ

    It’s weird that they changed the wolf into a human character, though. I guess Hollywood just can’t get over its biped bias.

  • Chal

    just wonder if tofugu need illustrator :) hhe

  • paperwrappedcake

    By any chance… Are non-Japanese Studies majors still considered for the summer intern position?

  • Viet

    Yes, non-Japanese Studies majors are considered for the intern position.

    Please read the full listing at for information on qualifications.

  • Marie

    Hey! I was wondering if Tofugu allowed teenagers as Blog writers to participate for the experience with no pay? I just wanted to know if you might be interesting in a different perspective in newer posts.

  • q

    You can be a blog writer as long as you have an interest in Japanese language and culture and have a good ability in English, right? Is it possible for someone under 18 to apply?

  • koichi

    Sorry, above 18 please.

  • koichi

    Sorry Marie, I’m afraid that’s most likely not possible.

  • 日本に住んでる人の場合は?