There are a lot of world records out there in the world. Some are genuinely difficult while others are… just weird (or plain useless). Knowing Japan’s love of useless inventions, you can only imagine the kinds of world records out there done (or attempted) by Japanese people. We’ve found twenty such examples for you, video and all. Not all of them break a record successfully. Not all of them do something particularly amazing (sometimes it’s just unique or weird). I also don’t know how many of these records have been broken since they were broken in the following videos. I do know, however, that many of them are quite entertaining. Seems like I could get myself a World Record if I thought of something weird enough.

Cutting Cucumber Quickly

I think I may hold the world record for fewest slices of cucumbers cut in twenty seconds. This guy challenges the previous world record holder. It looks like the video is on 4x speed when he cuts, or something.

272 Person Theremin Concert

I had to look up what a theremin is. Also known as an etherphone, it’s an early electronic musical instrument controlled without physical contact by the theremist. Whatever it is, 272 people got together to play the Theremin in Japan. I’m guessing all 272 theremists in the world had to get together to make this happen.

Flash Arithmetic

So Japanese. Flash a bunch of numbers on the screen and make people do math. Even if these numbers were on a static piece of paper in front of me I’d still have trouble adding them together. Then you see what these people can do and it makes you realize how sad you really are at arithmetic.

48 Leepfrogs In 1 Minute

While he doesn’t have an official Guinness representative in his videos, Megwin is always good for a world record breaking attempt, as you’ll soon see. In this one, he tries to do 48 leapfrogs in 1 minute. Definitely harder than it sounds, I think.

Cutting Apples In Midair

Not only does somebody try to break the world record for cutting apples in midair, but he also dresses up like a ninja to do it. His ninja ancestors would be proud mortified.

Ice Cold Endurance

An utter failure, but who doesn’t want to see Megwin suffering in a bathtub of ice? Seems like every child’s dream, to me.

Highest High Vaulting

Remember the little horse things you had to vault over in PE class? Remember how they were a couple feet tall? This guy’s jumping over something insanely tall. He also takes his shirt off for you.

Longest Distance In A Cave With Only One Breath

Not sure why you would want to see how far you can go into an underwater cave with only one breath, and I’m not sure why anyone would want to encourage this, but Ai Futaki does it anyways. Is there a world record for the most insane person in the world, too?

Ukulele Picnic

One step up from theremin concert, a bunch of people get together to play the ukulele. I have a feeling some of these people didn’t know how to play the ukulele for real. Someone put an asterisk next to this record.

Speed Duct Taping Yourself To A Wall

Duct taping someone else to a wall is difficult, but duct taping yourself? There’s a world record for that. It also is just about as hard as it sounds.

Jump Roaping

Okay, so this video isn’t really a world record, but it does show you the world record holder for jump roping doing her thing. Gives you the idea of the kind of jump roping skills you need to break jump roping records.

Longest Stick Bomb

I’d never heard of “stick bombs” before. Whatever it is, it looks as though it’s not following the laws of physics to me. In this video, you see 10,000 sticks stick bombing. Blows my mind.


It wouldn’t be Japanese racing without drifting. Drifting around a track thirty something times is no easy feat. I’d be afraid to play Mario Kart with this guy.

Catching Popcorn Challenge

If Megwin can catch 26 pieces of popcorn as they fly off the frying pan in one minute, he can have the world record! Even by cheating and putting glue on his hands he fails miserably. But that’s more fun anyways, isn’t it?

Putting Pairs Of Socks In A Box Only Using Your Feet

This is where you have to start asking “why?” Do we really need another world record? Do we really need to know how fast someone can put pairs of socks into a box only using their feet? The answer is “no,” in case you were wondering.

323 Girls Wearing Bikinis In A Parade

If you’re going to break a world record, at least advertise your product in the process. That’s what happened in this world record.

The Longest Pasta

Lawson Convenience Store decided make the least convenient pasta possible and attempted making the longest strand of pasta in the world. Luckily it looks like they cut it up and served it later on, though.

Most People Wearing Yukata

How many people in yukata can you get together in one space? In this case, it seems like the answer is 1122 people. How embarrassing would it be if you showed up in your jeans and tshirt on this day, by accident?

Balancing 18 Spoons On Your Face

I’m impressed that he could put spoons on his face in that way. By the end, I was surprisingly on the edge of my seat. Spoons be intense, bro.

Most Connected Rafts

“Let’s see how many rafts we can connect and then ride downstream!” somebody said, for some reason. “Okay, let’s make it happen!” someone else said. Some people have a lot of time and resources on their hands.

There Will Be More

With the likes of Megwin (not to mention every Japanese variety show ever) world records will continue to be made up and broken. When future aliens come visit the smoking hull that was once called “Earth” and come across the Guinness Book Of World Records, they will surely nod knowledgeably at each other, knowing that we probably all deserved our tragic fate.

That being said, they will probably worship the cucumber cutter, because seriously, how does he not cut his fingers?

Let me know your favorite world record. Then, if you’re feeling brave, try to challenge said record and then share it in the comments below…


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  • Hannah

    I saw a comedian once try to break a record for most lemons eaten in one minute or so. I totally forget if he beat it, but his expression was great. haha

  • koichi

    this sounds amazing

  • missingno15

    All of AKB’s guinness records

  • Christopher Stilson

    And I thought the one in the UK where they race against cheeses downhill was weird… who comes up with these ideas?

  • OtobokeGiraffe(ハナ)

    Or what about this one?
    In Hirakata Park, an amusement park in Osaka, they have held two world records. One for having the most people in one area with swimming caps on and another with the most people in one area with the collar standing up on their button up white shirt.

  • simplyshiny

    Hey, the Philly fans tried to set a”world record” for most people watching paint dry…..I think they win on dumb “world record” attempts….fake or not…

  • Sarah Mouradian

    …jump roaping? XD

  • koichi

    Would you say setting this record is just about as boring as… watching paint dry?

  • koichi

    First one sounds totally unnecessary. Second one sounds like way too much badass concentrated into one location.

  • koichi

    by weird do you mean “amazing”?

  • Joel Alexander

    A friend of mine was part of the world record attempt at the official Star Trek convention in Las Vegas last week to get the greatest number of people wearing Star Trek uniforms in one place. They were successful, getting 1085 of them. Contestant number 1085 was Terry Farrell.

  • MandaMac

    Koichi-san, I would so drive to Portland if ya’ll tried for a “most people in a fugu suit” record, LOL.

  • koichi

    I think if you and I wore fugu suits together we’d probably break the record of 0-1 fugu suits being worn in one place, lol

  • koichi

    So is that the kind of thing people would be proud to share or embarrassed to share…? :p

  • Joel Alexander


    On the plus side, Terry Farrell…

  • Ryan Bounedara

    I don’t know why when I read the title “Putting Pairs Of Socks In A Box Only Using Your Feet”, I expected something other than that. >_>

  • MandaMac

    Dammit, I called my local costume shop, and the told me they were out of fugu suits…

  • Courtney Dorrell

    My favorite record was broken a while ago, but it still made it into the record books by my favorite idols! Nozomi Tsuji and Ai Kago (from Morning Musume) broke the record a few years back on a variety show for hula hooping a giant hula Hoop. Although not a record, Eri Kamei and Risa Niigaki also had some great bits from Haromoni a few years back as well, where’d they throw books backwards onto a book shelf and do other weird tricks and such. Check them out if you get a chance

  • Jomann

    the drifting video had a terrible translation…

  • Mami

    Whoa! “Putting Pairs Of Socks In A Box Only Using Your Feet”lol
    It was funny because at the end of show the mother of the guy who was shooting the video told him ‘What are you doing? Don’t you have anything to do other than that, such as your homework?’ This explains how ‘amazing’ the world record is.

  • koichi

    someone is trying to beat us to the record! D;

  • MandaMac

    OMG! ONOZ! I suspect someone nearby must be planning an anti-sushi/sashimi rally…I mean, seriously, ALL the fugu suits? :D

  • Tekeur

    As I was watching this crazy drifting video, I just remembered that I originally came on Tofugu one hour ago with the intention of studying… Great post anyway :D !
    (And now I’m too sleepy to study !)

  • Aric

    oy Koichi…all the video links are all the “Most Connected Rafts” video.

  • Xaromir

    How come nobody linked this so far?

  • Paulo

    All really dumb, except for the bikini parade (joke). Anyway, joking aside, I don’t think those were dumb, those were something no ordinary person can do right? Or neither a very talented person can do one shot?