The toys of the future are here and boy are they creepy. A Japanese start-up company known as Clone Factory has stirred up a storm on the internet with their 3D printed human faces on doll bodies. Whether the creepiness comes from the hyper realistic faces or just the disparity between the realism of the printed faces and the primitiveness of the doll bodies, these things are weird. Really weird.

How It’s Made

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Making these abominations is actually quite simple. The model sits themselves down in a chair, has some coordinates projected onto their head, and then pictures are taken. These pictures are then processed by a computer and the model’s lovely mug is printed out in doll sized plaster by a 3D printer. From there, they airbrush on any fine details as needed.


I’m not sure how long the total process is, but the final result is pretty astounding. Now everyone can have their own little miniature version of themselves. For a price of course, but more on that later.


When ordering your doll, you get a choice of body. Some choices are creepier than others. The more out of proportion everything is, the weirder the doll ends up looking I think. I’ve heard of companies that make plushies in your likeness, but this is definitely next level right here.

Wait, They Cost How Much??

doll1Yeah, these things aren’t cheap. They’re about $1,300. Now, why would someone want to spend so much money on a doll? Well, some people just have too much money. Other than that, these dolls have become popular with women who want to have creepy custom mementos of special events in their lives, such as a wedding.


Women can have their face, just as it looked on their wedding day with makeup and everything, plastered on a doll with their wedding hairstyle and their wedding dress and all. It’s almost like having a 3D picture to remember the event by. To some people, the $1,300 is worth it.


I don’t think I’d be willing to spend more than $100 for something like this, but then again I can’t really think of any reason other than novelty for wanting one myself.


Perhaps if there’s a strong demand for these sort of things, and 3D printing continues to become cheaper, these goofy dolls will fall in price as well. For now though, I think I’ll stick with regular action figures.


Oh yeah, they’ll also clone your pets too.

So tell me, how much would you spend for one of these custom dolls? Would you even want one? Do you think they’re as creepy as the rest of the internet does? Let us know in the comments!

  • Mescale

    Do they clone hugging pillows too?




    I would spend $5 at a county fair. No, I would not want one. Yes, I think it is very creepy and speaks to the hubris of man.

  • alpacainspace

    This seems familiar. Not that I am complaining, I love these sorts of 3d printer / human avatar related things, but I do remember this being on Danny Choo a while ago. Maybe Tofugu should hire a freelancer to do their own independent study? (´・ω・`)

  • Nelem

    I’d rather have one of Danny Choo’s Smart Dolls (which are robotic)

  • Morient

    きもかわいい! If I had the funding,I would purchase one for myself and all of my pets. Then, come Christmas, I’d take awkward family photographs using the dolls and send out very creepy (very FANTASTIC) Christmas cards with the pictures.

  • Datte baru

    There is no freaking way I could call this cute . Imagine japanese using these in one of there scary drama , normal dolls are creepy enough ><

  • WhiteRice

    I remember when I was a kid, there were commercials that would make a doll that looked just like you. You just had to send a picture of yourself. I really wanted a little me. But, now that I’m older, I don’t think I would want a realistic looking figure that would stare at me while I’m sleeping thinking of ways to posses my body. But, the dolls I saw in the commercial were not as realistic as this new phenomenon.

  • Ma’alee M

    i wanna get a copy of me !!

    In future , I think that this incredible invention will have a widespread use of it , it will be needed somewhere

  • joseph

    Hey Koichi xD, I’m planning on starting a youtube channel, you know vlogs and everything, would you be upset or something if i introduced myself in japanese like you used to do in your youtube videos? I’m asking you this because some people or even you might see it as plagiarism, please respond xD

  • Tom

    It’s not plagiarism to introduce yourself in Japanese. I’d go for it. Good luck!

  • Xaromir

    I don’t care for a figurine or bust of myself, but the last picture is kind of cool, i wouldn’t mind having one of my kitty.

  • 情暖

    Look, I don’t want to say Danny Choo did it first, but when you link to his Youtube video, it’s kinda of asking for it. He actually bought this to the attention of the public a couple years ago (if not three years ago) and this is just the link to a repackaged version of his show.

    On the topic of the article, though, I think it COULD be kind of cool, but I wouldn’t pay that much for it. $1300 is just ridiculous.

  • 情暖

    *kinda inviting comparisons.

  • Leisslie Agis

    I’d definitely go for a pet copy! A copy of myself or my boyfriend irks me a bit lol

  • FoxiBiri

    it’s chobits.

  • Mikki

    Tell me why I thought this was going to be about sex dolls when I clicked on it…………
    …Actually, don’t bother.

  • Miss Kawaii

    OMG.. i want but so expensive.. i must keep money for a few months first to order this :(