OK, so we already had our grown-up, philosophical talk about authenticity and ethnic food earlier this week. Blah blah blah, boring.

Now that it’s the weekend, we can take a more fun approach to things. That’s why today’s post is about the YouTube series “Rino which eats world various dishes”

“Rino which eats world various dishes” is part cooking show, part Japanese parents using their adorable children for internet fame. The basic premise of the show is that the mom of two little kids (Rino and Yuuma) makes a bunch of famous dishes from around the world for her children.

She’s not a pro chef by any means, and the food probably isn’t 100% authentic (whatever that means); but it’s fun to watch her cook up these very different foods and to see the kids’ reactions.

The show covers all types of food, from Southeast Asian foods like Pad Thai, satay, and pho; to European foods like Zuccotto, Wiener Schnitzel, and Berliner; and even a few foods from home, like natto okonomiyaki and Nagasaki chanpon.

There’s a lot of variety, and it all looks incredibly delicious. Here are some of the more popular episodes from the series:

You can find the whole playlist of “Rino which eats world various dishes” here.


    Amazing!!! Haha.

  • Hamyo

    I can’t imagine that how fat this kid will be in the future. O.o but really this kid “Eating like a boss!!” :D

  • Nick Hattan

    Some kids are cute.
    This girl is absolutely adorable.

  • Ken Seeroi

    It’s good to see children trying a variety of different foods, since they’re often picky about what they eat. I mean, I know I lived on a diet of Coke and Oreo cookies until about the age of 20. I remember my dentist always drove really nice cars, too. Anyway, it’s good to see someone young with more refined tastes than my own.

  • Lessa Traboco

    Omg she is cute. And she’s not picky like me! ;) if she eats too much she will get super fat, though. :/

  • Lessa Traboco

    What was that green stuff she drinks on the first part?

  • Cape

    i whatched the videos 10 days ago, & set them as fav, she is amazing!

  • Aman

    hahaha, reminds me of yotsuba from yotsuba& for some reason!

  • ZXNova

    This is Japan. Impossible.