A while ago I wrote about my Top 10 Japanese Dramas. Since then I’ve been looking for new dramas to watch and I’ve been basing that on my favorite Japanese actors and actresses. Many of my favorites have been in multiple shows that I have thoroughly enjoyed, so I wanted to share them with you. Some of them have stronger careers than others, but they’ve all done their part in enhancing my overall J-Drama experience.


karinaKarina is a model and an actress and has also been in three of my favorite J-Dramas. She usually plays a sort of no-nonsense woman, usually with a bit of a tomboyish attitude. She’s a very strong female character and always excels at any role she plays. I’m currently watching her in the show PRICELESS where she co-stars alongside Kimura Takuya (see below).

Best Drama She’s Been In: Watashi ga Renai Dekinai Riyuu
For more information and a list of all the shows she’s been in, check her out on DramaWiki.

Abe Hiroshi

Abe-Hiroshi-watches-you-while-you-sleep.Abe Hiroshi. My dude. Even when he ends up in a show or a movie that isn’t that great, I still enjoy watching just because he’s in it. He just has a way of talking and carrying himself that makes everything so interesting. He stars in my all time favorite Japanese drama (Kekkon Dekinai Otoko) as well as my all time favorite Japanese movie (Survive Style 5+). He’s a pretty awesome guy.

Best Drama He’s Been In: Kekkon Dekinai Otoko
For more information and a list of all the shows he’s been in, check him out on DramaWiki.

Aragaki Yui

aragaki yuiAragaki Yui is adorable. She doesn’t always find herself in the best roles in dramas, but she’s managed to make it into two of my all time favorites. She is hilarious to watch, and when she has a good character to play, she does a really great job of it. I think she does best in roles where she plays a high schooler. The stuff I’ve seen where she plays someone older just isn’t as good in my opinion.

Best Drama She’s Been In: Papa to Musume no Nanokakan
For more information and a list of all the shows she’s been in, check her out on DramaWiki.

Yamashita Tomohisa

YamapiYamapi here is another actor that’s in a ton of great shows. He’s been in two of my top favorites, and he’s been in at least one “classic” J-Drama that I’ve unfortunately not gotten around to watching yet. He’s always fun to watch, and he co-stars alongside Kitagawa Keiko in the excellent J-Drama Buzzer Beat.

Best Drama He’s Been In: Proposal Daisakusen
For more information and a list of all the shows he’s been in, check him out on DramaWiki.

Kitagawa Keiko

keiko-kitagawaKitagawa Keiko is really pretty. Along with Buzzer Beat, she’s also been in a great drama called Tsuki no Koibito where she co-starred alongside Kimura Takuya. She played very different roles in these two shows, but she played each equally as well. She’s also been in a decent amount of movies and just recently stared in a J-Drama alongside Gackt. The show is called Akumu-chan and I’m really looking forward to checking it out.

Best Drama She’s Been In: Buzzer Beat
For more information and a list of all the shows she’s been in, check her out on DramaWiki.

Nagase Tomoya

Tomoya-NagaseNagase Tomoya is hilarious. Without him, My Boss My Hero would just not have been the same. Since this was the first show I saw him in, I really have trouble seeing him play anything else, but he really is a talented actor. Apparently he sings too, but I’ve never looked up any of his stuff. Aragaki Yui was his love interest in My Boss My Hero, and they had many hilarious scenes together.

Best Drama He’s Been In: My Boss My Hero
For more information and a list of all the shows he’s been in, check him out on DramaWiki.

Kuninaka Ryoko

kuninaka ryokoI’ve actually only seen Kuninaka Ryoko in one show. Kekkon Dekinai Otoko. But I just thought she did such a good job with it. Maybe it was just the character she was playing in it that made her so enjoyable. Or maybe it was the awkwardly cute pug that she had in the show. I dunno. If you have any other suggestions for dramas she’s been in, please let me know.


Best Drama She’s Been In: Kekkon Dekinai Otoko
For more information and a list of all the shows she’s been in, check her out on DramaWiki.

Kimura Takuya

kimura-takuyaKimura Takuya is like a magic man. He’s been in so many good shows and so many of them are rated way higher than your run of the mill J-Drama. I consider a viewership rating of 13% and up to be pretty good – Kimura Takuya’s shows are more often than not 20% and above. Either he makes the shows so much better than they normally would be, or he just really knows what roles to choose. Either way, he’s a great actor and definitely deserves all the fame and recognition he’s gained.


Kimura Takuya is also in tons of commercials, and he’s a member of the pop group SMAP. He really does it all. He’s even a licensed hairdresser. Along with Karina, he stars in a show called PRICELESS. This is the drama I’m currently watching, and so far it doesn’t disappoint. Hopefully it stays good enough for me to see it all the way to the end.

Best Drama He’s Been In: Pride
For more information and a list of all the shows he’s been in, check him out on DramaWiki.

So tell me, who’s your favorite J-Drama actor/actress? Whats your favorite show that they’ve been in? Share your recommendations down in the comments!

  • zoomingjapan

    Just the RIGHT post for me this time!
    I started watching Japanese dramas in 2003 and since then I’ve seen millions!
    Some of the actors you mentioned are my favorites as well, others I hate (like Aragaki Yui).

    I’ve watched so many KimuTaku dramas and none of them was bad. He’s just great! Gotta love him!
    I also like Keiko and Yamapi – loved them together in Buzzer Beat! ^__^

    I’m a huge fan of Ikuta Toma who recently has turned more into a movie actor.

    Some of my favorite all-time dramas are Hanakimi, Hana Yori Dango, Last Friends, Soredemo ikiteyuku, Rich Man Poor Woman, Love Shuffle, Nankyoku Tairiku, Nodame Cantabile …. and many, many more! ^__________^

  • Latrice

    Funny, I know Abe Hiroshi as an actor but never actually watched him in anything except for the Thai movie Chocolate (which is a GREAT movie for those who haven’t seen it).

    I’m a fan of Nagase Tomoya and Eita are two of my faves. I like Nagase’s comedic style and loved him in Unabore Deka, which was a completely ridiculous but amusing drama. Also liked him in Ikebkuro West Park and My Boss My Hero. Loved Eita and Last Friends and want to check out Saikon no Rikkon.

    For the ladies, I loves me some Yukie Nakama. Not just for her role as Yankumi in Gokusen but also her creepier role in Utsukushii Rinjin and the Saki (kinda-sorta) prequel. I also like Ueno Juri who was in Nodame Cantible and Last Friends too.

    Some of my other faves are Hana Yori Dango, Nobuta wo Produce, Brother Beat, Moteki, and Ninkyo Helper….shoot too many to name!

  • David Andrade

    I kinda of want to watch J Dramas, but it feels like I would become a zombie to it, or worse, it would be like American Dramas (aka not good). It’s such a step to take! Maybe I should just stick to my comfort zone with Anime.

    Though I am curious what many people see so exciting about it.

  • GG.Yuri

    Kimura Takuya, Oguri Shun, Horikita Maki, Mao Inoue, Kamenashi Kazuya, Matsumoto Jun and Kitamura Kazuki are some of the actors I love so far. I haven´t watched a ton of jdramas yet, but my favourite until now are : Hana Yori Dango, Kimi wa Petto, Gokusen, Yamato nadeshiko shichi henge and Nobuta wo produce. I hope to increase the list as I find jdramas to be really great, almost always in the middle between serious and silly.

  • missingno15

    So uh, I guess I don’t really watch dramas since I only kinda recognize some of the people on this list by name but Abe Hiroshi is a legit really good actor. Currently watching ミエリーノ柏木

  • innadee

    I’m side-eyeing a lot of your choices here (really? dead fish eyes yamapi???) but thanks for the interesting post!

    A good Kuninaka Ryoko drama is her most recent one, Osozaki no Himawari. It’s got Ikuta Toma, Kiritani Kenta, Maki Yoko, et. al. She’s not quite the main character though.

    My favorite actors would be Ohno Satoshi, Ikuta Toma, Oguri Shun, Yamada Takayuki, Narimiya Hiroki, Ishihara Satomi, Nakama Yukie, Kiritani Kenta, and Inoue Mao, to name a few.

  • Jon

    The first picture of Abe Hiroshi looks like he just snorted every drug in existence. His smile with those wide eyes must be fueled by drugs or something. Either that or he’s trying to creep someone out.

  • innadee

    Oh! And I forgot about Naka Riisa. She’s great!!!

  • Charly Bristow

    i wonder, since you like nagase tomoya, are you watching nakuna harachan? it’s currently airing and it’s hilarious, he’s brilliant as the lead. this is a great list of actors, though only probably two would make my top ten list, being a j-drama addict is both a blessing a curse.

  • Ginger

    No to Yamapi, Araki, and Kitagawa. Abe and Kimutaku are perfect. I like Eita, Ikuta Toma, Takeguchi Yuko, Amami Yuki, Toda Erika (not sure why but I do), Oguri Shun,Koyuki, Ueno Juri, Shibaski Kou, and Tsumabuki Satoshi.

    My favorite all time dramas are Orange Days, Nodame Cantabile, Pride, Quiz Show, Bara no nai Hanaya, My Boss My Hero, Galileo, Stand Up!!!, Ikebukuro West Gate Park, and Nobuta wo Produce.

  • Miykael Reed

    GREAT CHOICES! I agree with all of them. Nagase Tomoya is my favorite actor. I thoroughly enjoyed all 5 or 6 of his dramas that I seen. I’m surprised you put Kuninaka Ryoko on the list. I love her, but she’s not heralded much by anyone else I know. She’s so cute/beautiful IMO. She did great in Brother Beat. I think you would really like that. It’s a really good drama. And she was beautiful in Hungry.

  • Miykael Reed

    What kind of anime do you like? Do you like slice of life, comedy, or romance. If so then you’ll like Jdramas.

  • choco

    I don’t think Yamapi is a good actor. His acting in most dramas are quite stiff and expressionless. I’ve seen Kurosagi, Nobuta wo Produce, Proposal Daisakusen and after that I already lost interest in his acting.

    Kimutaku is a very very good actor. I watched his dramas ever since I was a child. I’ve seen Long Vacation, Love Generation, Beautiful Life, Hero, and currently watching Priceless. I really love his Gatsby commercial.

    I have stopped watching Jdramas for couple of years and now I’m trying to get back into it. I’m a Johnny’s fangirl (fandom call it by JE and its the talent agency that manages Yamapi, Nagase, Kimutaku and other idols) so basically most of the drama I watched is related to JE idols.

  • helios

    Hmm, and here I thought Yamashita Tomohisa is one of the most stony-faced Japanese actor I’ve seen. In his earlier dramas like Dragon Zakura and Nobuta wo Produce he’s very entertaining but the more recent ones like Code Blue or Monster? Ugh, I don’t know what’s wrong with him these days.

    Agreed with you about Karina though, she’s one of my favorite actress too. I also like Toda Erika, Takeuchi Yuko and Ayase Haruka. For actors, my faves are Abe Hiroshi, Eita, Kimura Takuya and Matsuda Shota.

    If you like detective/crime dramas like me, I recommend Shinzanmono (Abe Hiroshi’s in it), Strawberry Night and Galileo. They’re amazing. For drama/romance, my favorites are Hana Yori Dango, Proposal Daisakusen, or Sunao ni Narenakute if you want to see angsty romance :). Bonus: check out Himitsu, it has a creepy implication I rarely see in Japanese dramas.

  • FoxiBiri

    NAGASE TOMOYA!!!!!!!!!!

  • John

    I think the main reason I ended up liking Yamapi so much is just because he’s in two of my favorite dramas, haha.

  • John

    I haven’t gotten around to it yet but I’m definitely interested in checking it out!

  • simplyshiny

    I got really excited when I saw Nagase Tomoya’s name. I LOVE Nagase Tomoya. He is basically one of my favorite people ever. He’s just such a big dope (and totally hot) but his acting is awesome and in varieties, he never fails to disapoint….<3<3<3 TOKIO. My Boss, My Hero is one of the one's that I can watch over and over again and Nauka . PRIDE, is one of my all time favorites, Kimura Takuya and Takeucki Yuko have an awesome chemistry…Kitagawa Keiko and Gakky are entirely too adorable for words and can totally make any drama awesome. Abe Hiroshi is the kind of actor that can make everyone around him better. The only drama of YamaPi's that I REALLY liked was Nobuta Wo Produce…Stand Up!! was pretty good too. He also did a variety/documentary thing where he travels around the U.S. I only saw a couple episodes, but he was pretty awesome. I LOVE this list, the only one I would add, really is Narimiya Hiroki….he's one of my all time favorites and I love him in anything that he's in!

  • simplyshiny

    AH! Yes, Add Naka Riisa to my list too, she’s amazing.

  • simplyshiny

    I am really not a fan of Oguri Shun’s at all, I don’t see the big deal about him. Hated him in HanaDan and he was only okay in Juui Dolittle and Rich Man, Poor Woman….I don’t think he’s that great of a person either, from what I’ve seen in interviews

  • Miykael Reed

    yes! Spread the Nagase love! and add me on FB. lol looking for friends with mutual interest.

  • Justin Espedal

    For another drama with Kuninaka Ryoko, you could try Churasan. Only if you have a lot of time to burn though! Aside from that, I totally agree with Miykael. Brother Beat is a fantastic drama if you’re looking for one. Both are that much better if you’re looking for one with Kuninaka Ryoko.

  • Kashin

    I agree in the past a lot of yamapi’s stuff has been rather expressionless
    but his last to Ending Planner and Monster (which he did with Shingo) he was begging to show a lot more emotion…granted it was kind of over the top comedy emotion but I still thought it was fun to watch…

  • John

    I’ve only seen Narimiya Hiroki in Stand Up!! and Gokusen, but yeah – he’s pretty good. What do you think is the best drama featuring him?

  • John

    Aw, dude! I knew Brother Beat sounded familiar! I just looked it up and remembered that I watched it a long time ago – I totally forgot about it xD

  • innadee

    Fair enough. Haha! I gotta give him credit though, he did a decent job in only two out of the many dramas he’s been in… One would be Nobuta wo Produce and Ikebukuro West Gate Park (a fairly minor role, but hey! It also stars Nagase Tomoya! Love that guy.) Seen these ones yet?

  • John

    Nobuta wo Produce is one of those “classics” that I’ve just not gotten around to watching yet. I know, I know, shame on me.

  • Tampopo

    My favorite Japanese drama actors…fangirling time!

    Hayato Ichihara (such a good actor and easy on the eyes!)

    Oguri Shun

    Matsumoto Jun (he may be an idol, but I think he’s a really good actor–the best in Arashi I think)

    Narimiya Hiroki


    Ikuta Toma

    Yamamoto Yusuke

    Sato Takeru

    Shota Matsuda

    Haruma Miura


    Kazuya Kamaneshi

    Ueno Juri

    Shirota Yuu (I think he’s pretty underated! He needs more lead roles)

    Mizushima Hiro

    and I’m pretty sure there’s more I’m forgetting. A few of my favorites were on your list as well.

  • Tampopo

    Have you seen Hana Kimi? If not, you should watch it. I think Oguri Shun is pretty good in that one. There is also another called Binbo Danshi that isn’t such a well known drama but he plays a more humorous role in that one, and I think he did a good job. I also liked him in Tokyo Dogs.

  • Pumkin

    I love most of the actors in this list!
    But besides Johnny’s, the agency Amuse should be worth looking up as well.

    I’m loving Sato Takeru’s drama for a while now, especially the current one, Tonbi. It’s really good!

  • Lionrence

    none of my favorites are on the list, but that’s probably because I choose them by level of attractiveness :P

  • innadee

    WHUUUUT!?!? well, i’m sure you’ll enjoy it though. For what it’s worth, this show made me cry. Haha!

    And yeah, that drama Kuninaka Ryoko is in? I guess I should mention that she is in the main cast, but not quite the main character. If you’re into those existential crisis-type dramas, then you should give this a shot. :)

  • innadee

    That drama is HILARIOUS. It’s one of my favorites this season, actually.

  • innadee

    Sorry, I’m not the OP, but I think that among the dramas that Narimiya Hiroki has starred in, I would recomment Bloody Monday or Yankee-kun to Megane-chan (watch this if you like mindless fun).

  • simplyshiny

    I saw the first episode….pretty awesome. Nagase has some great comedic timing

  • simplyshiny

    yeah, basically what I was going to recommend …also Mou Yuukai Nante Shinai (also has Gakky) and I’ve only seen one episode of Hidemari no ki, but that was pretty good too…he was also in the live action Phoenix Wright movie last year, which I have not seen, but really want to….

  • choco

    I’ve seen Monster’s drama promo and I was a bit shocked when I saw Yamapi showing that much expression in his face. Its kinda bias but I have doubt that his acting skills improve that much because both of the dramas was after his announcement for leaving his band.
    Some fans felt betrayed by his decisions as he is the leader of the band and moreover for making them waited and worried for almost a year without any band activity. To me he is just kinda trying to make up with his fans by showing ‘another’ side of him.

  • Putri ~プテゥリー~

    aww Kuninaka Ryoko. I’ve seen her in several good dramas: Churasan and Hotaru no Hikari season 1. Kekkon dekinai otoko is in my to-watch list, though. Great you enjoy Kekkon Dekinai Otoko!

  • Aya

    Ikuta Toma is my favourite, HANDS DOWN. I fell in love with his character in Hana Kimi (I mean, who DIDN’T love Nakatsu?) and he totally owned the role. No remake and no actor (well, so far) can ever play Nakatsu as well as him. I’m super excited he’s doing well in films too (like Ningen Shikkaku, Bokura Ga Ita & The Tale of Genji) and I’m looking forward to seeing his work in the coming years. I wub you, Toma! ♥


  • John

    Ikuta Toma was pretty awesome in Hana Kimi. I don’t think I’ve seen him in anything else though :(

  • Aya

    Oooh, you should watch Hachimitsu to Clover and/or Akihabara@DEEP. They’re my favourite Toma dramas (Todoramas? lol). :))

  • Riechan

    Also an Matsumoto Jun, Eita, Ikuta Toma, Oguri Shun and Ueno Juri fan here haha :D

  • Riechan

    You should have a look at Maou ! Ikuta Toma is awesome in that one!

  • 白い小がも

    Miho Kanno. This woman can do no wrong. See: Hataraki Man, Kiina, Magerarenai Onna.

  • helios

    Seconding this one so hard. Despite being an adaptation from Korean drama, Maou is too awesome too miss.

  • Lauren

    So basically you havent seen Jin yet? It’s a must-see!! Some of the best acting I’ve ever seen.
    And the classic drama you’re referring to is nobuta wo produce?? You should definitely watch these 2. There’s j subs available for both of them

  • Lauren

    I loved her in watashitachi no kyokasho. It’s one of the best jdramas I’ve seen. I personally couldn’t watch magerarenai onna. That drama was mediocre to me

  • Loepsi

    I love Yamashita Tomohisa >.<

  • Flora

    I THOUGHT Kimura Takuya sounded familiar – in an article I once read, it stated that he’s voted “The Hottest/Sexiest Man in All Japan” several years running (would definitely explain those ratings spikes). After that, I looked him up – he’s certainly not ugly, but I don’t see it.

    Would anyone happen to have any recommendations for a J-drama virgin? I’m pretty open to anything, but I have a few absolutes with the shows I watch; I hate sports, no sex scenes (just too awkward), and no comedy. Don’t get me wrong – I like funny shows, but the Japanese definition of funny is pretty hit-or-miss with me (usually miss). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • ai-tea

    The last guy is the biggest douche.

  • x_stei

    Agreed. Maou is a very strong drama thriller.

  • x_stei

    I knew it! I had to wonder which “classic” you were talking about, but I pegged it was Nobuta. wo Produce. Or else it would be on your top ten list, probably.
    Do see it! it is really really good. My favourite.

  • x_stei

    I have a difficulty “liking” Japanese actors. Because so many of their work depends largely on the director and the script of the show. I don’t think there is any Japanese actor whose works I’ve all seen.

    I tend to like

    Ninomiya Kazunari – I know MatsuJun gets more publicity, but Nino has more talent in acting I think. He chooses more various roles and he always plays them with authenticity. I always love his acting. Best Nino dramas: Freeter, ie wo Kau, Yasashii Jikan, Haikei, Chichiue-sama, Yamada Taro Monogatari, Ryuusei no Kizuna. What I said before about shows being dependent upon the writing, this show list follows because Yasashii Jikan and Haikei, chichiue-sama were written by Kuramoto Sou, my all-time favourite Japanese screenwriter. His stories are so beautifully crafted and sweet.

    Matsumoto Jun – He’s a pretty face to look at. I like him because he’s popular and nice to look at. Best shows: Hana yori Dango, Wagaya no Rekishi.

    Yamashita Tomohisa – I don’t know why but I just feel so sad when I see him cry in character. He’s very good-looking, but beyond that I do think he has a lot of talent. I am not sure why but I don’t think he’s using it incorrectly. I think with some scripts and roles he does very well, and in others he can be a bit bland. Best shows: Nobuta. wo Produce, Proposal Daisakusen.

    Narimiya Hiroki – the bad boy. I loved him when I first saw him in Orange Days, even though he only played a side character. I think he’s another one of those actors who knows what roles to pick and how to play them well. I think he’s one of the most talented Japanese actors and has a very wide range of acting chops. Best shows: Bloody Monday, Yankee-kun to Megane-chan!, Orange Days.

    Eita – Another one that I enjoy watching. I don’t think his range is as wide as Nino and Narimiya, but the roles he picks he knows how to play well. I think he’s got an aura of “boy next door” (is that a thing?) and that adds to his ordinary intrigue. Best show: Orange Days.

    Ueno Juri – Talk about talent. This girl is a chameleon. I discovered that many of these actors and actresses are from my earliest favourite JDrama Orange Days. Ueno is among them, though if you don’t look closely you will miss her. From a bisexual motorcyclist, to a substitue teacher to an apparently crazy pianist, this girl can play them all. So well that I couldn’t even recognize her in the opening credits of Last Friends. Highly recommended. Best shows: Sunao ni Narenakute, Last Friends, Nodame Cantabile.

    Kamiki Ryuunosuke – At such a young age, this guy has accomplished very much. From starring in his first drama series at age 14, Kamiki Ryuunosuke has always impressed me by his earnest approach to acting. Best shows: Tantei Gakuen Q, 11 mo iru!

    Inoue Mao – I really like her. But the only reason I can come up with is that she was in Hana yori Dango with MatsuJun. (I believe most “Best Japanese Actors” list are primarily dependent upon the shows they’ve been in, and how good they look.)

    Ueto Aya – I think this girl is not afraid to be risky. Not only is she exquisitely beautiful, but I love that she knows how to show raw emotion. Best shows: Nagareboshi, Tsubasa no Oreta Tenshitachi.

    Takenouchi Yutaka – I love this guy. I think he’s got great maturity and range. Another one that has many achievements. Plus he’s very handsome. Best shows: Nagareboshi, Rondo, BOSS 1 & 2, Mou ichido kimi ni, propose.

    Amami Yuki – the height! As a very accomplished actress from Takarazuka Revue, her filmography is peppered with strong willed female leads. Best shows: Top Caster, BOSS 1 & 2, Wagaya no Rekishi.

    There are many many more. But I’ll leave it for now! Sorry about the long list! :)

  • x_stei

    I reocmmend Orange Days, Nobuta. wo Produce and Kaze no Garden. – Really good collection to start I think.

  • Jessica May

    Abe Hisoshi really caught my attention. I only saw him in a couple episodes of Kekkon dekinai otoko (haven’t watched the whole series yet) and in the movie Aoi Tori (which I recommend), but I thought he acted very well in both roles, which are very different. It’s definitely one actor I’ll remember!

  • TMegumi

    Kuninaka Ryoko is very talented and versatile. You should watch her in Brother Beat. It’s a Jdrama that guys can definitely enjoy as it’s about a family full of boys & their brash mother. Laughed a lot during that drama. Also, it’s older, but Nemureru Mori with Kimura Takuya is really good.

  • TMegumi

    omg I know i have issues, but I cried at the end of nobuta. MUST watch. Love it.

  • TMegumi

    Wait…I just realized you don’t have one of my faves on this list. Tsumabuki Satoshi is so talented. He was in Wedding Planner with Abe (also one of my faves). Also in Orange Days (one of my fave dramas) and the movie Nada Sou Sou. If he’s not on your radar, check him out!

  • Coa-chan

    Abe Hiroshi is definitely one of the best! :)) I also like Oguri Shun, Ikuta Toma, Erika Toda, and Naka Yukie! :D I also have a bias towards Kamenashi Kazuya. I enjoy seeing him in dramas although I don’t think his skills are top-notch. :D

  • Coa-chan

    Oh, and can I just say that I love Kenichi Matsuyama and Matsuda Shota (esp. in Liar Game) :D

  • EskimoJo

    I’ve only watched 2 or 3 J-dramas… my ‘to watch’ list has just EXPLODED!

  • Noelle East

    The person in the center of the header image looks EXACTLY like Sam Winchester from Supernatural…. the resemblance is kinda creepy!

  • Sky Walker

    I thinik Kimura Takuya’s best Drama has to be Nankyoku Tairiku~

  • Danny


    Une grande découverte et un artiste qui n’arrête pas de me surprendre et de m’enthousiasmer !
    Il n’y a pas mieux pour moi, et il supplante de très loin tous les autres acteurs, toutes nationalités confondues !

    Un drama : “PRIDE”,
    Un film : “LOVE AND HONOR”.

    C’est mon grand favori ! <333333333333333333333333333333

  • Bella

    Matsuda shota is the best ever along with Haruma Muira and Kengo Kora