I’m sure many of you saw this coming. If you’ve kept up with my previous posts, you already know that I absolutely adore Perfume and will occasionally include one of their music videos at the end of a post just for fun. Perfume is the only all girl Japanese band that I’ve gotten into and have loved since the moment I first heard them. Perfume songs are catchy, uplifting, and awesome. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

This month, I’m going to be bringing you a new favorite band of mine every week. If you’ve not already heard the band, you’re in luck, it’ll be great. And if you have already heard the band, I’m sorry. Last week I shared D’espairsRay with you so this week you’re getting something completely different.


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I admit it. This song used to be my ringtone. It’s just really not possible for me to listen to a Perfume song and not be happy. Back in the day, Nocchi (the one with the short hair) used to be my favorite. These days I’m leaning more towards Kashiyuka (the one in the boots). I’m not too sure why, but I think it might have something to do with Nocchi’s recent hairstyle choices. Oh well.

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I’d say I’m more a fan of Perfume’s mid to late career. Their earlier stuff is kind of hit or miss for me. The main reason for this is clear. Since 2003, Perfume has been produced by Yasutaka Nakata, founder of the group Capsule and the Contemode label.

Capsule is awesome, and the influence is definitely apparent. It was around this time in 2003 that the group’s original post-Shibuya-kei sound began making a transition to electronic dance-pop music, incorporating Auto-Tune, vocoders, and electro house. My kinda stuff.

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Perfume is also super popular. I mean, probably not as popular as AKB48, but still pretty darn famous. They’re in everything from commercials to international concerts these days. Perfume is definitely a successful group of girls. So far they’ve released 21 singles, 3 studio albums, and 3 compilation albums. All three studio albums went platinum or double platinum.

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As Perfume’s sound grows and matures I feel like it speaks even more and more to my interests. I’ve always really liked electronic style music and Perfume continues to deliver. I never get bored of their releases and every new track puts a smile on my face. Most of their music videos aren’t even that complicated, but they’re always entertaining.

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I absolutely love it when bass guitar is featured in an electro song. This one here is no exception. The band chose the name Perfume because all three original members had the Japanese character for fragrance () in their names. Unfortunately, before the group could even debut, the third member dropped out to pursue her education instead. She was then replaced by Nocchi.

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This track is Perfume’s latest single. I really like it a lot. Not only do I really like the song but the video is really great too. It’s incredibly simple, but very entrancing at the same time. I love the hand dancing. And this is what I mean about Nocchi’s new hair. I’m really not a big fan of how she has it here.

Anyway, Perfume is great. Unlike D’espairsRay, they’re still around and still going strong. I’m always looking forward to their new releases and I hope they stay active for many years to come. As far as electro J-pop with female vocals, Perfume just can’t be beat.

This is Hilarious, Share it With Everyone

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Also I managed to stumble across this little gem here and it is just way too hilarious to not share with all of you. Just check out those dance moves!

So tell me, do you love Perfume as much as I do? What’s your favorite song and who’s your favorite member? Or maybe you’re one of the people that hate them? Why? Why would you dislike such an adorable group of girls??

  • あー ちゃん

    I love Golden Bomber ^o^/

  • Tora.Silver

    I found out about Perfume through Capsule. I love them both.

  • Perry Brown

    I don’t usually comment on anything unless I have something worthwhile to say, but OMFG PERFUME!!! (^o^)/

    My favourite member is probably A~chan, with Kashiyuka a close second. As for favourite song, there are just too many to choose…

  • Meg Datsameh

    I love them too! XD First song I heard from them was ‘Dream Fighter’ and I loved it so much. I don’t know which song is my favorite. I think my favorite MV would ‘Spring of Life’, though. All of the songs I’ve heard from them are really good and fun to listen to, so it’s hard for me to decide on just one song. I’m always happy when people bring up Perfume ’cause it’s not popular here. I like hearing that people have branched out from the typical “I like Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, and One Direction”. There are so many people much more talented than them and Perfume is just one of the few.

    So, apparently I’m writing comments the size of books now… Sorry for the overload. ^^;

  • Cat

    You should make a tutorial on how to dance “One Room Disco”! haha!

  • MrsSpooky

    Working my way through the videos. Played the first one and immediately bought the song on iTunes. May have to get an album, like them a lot!

  • Shaun Krislock

    I am also a big fan. The thing that strikes me about them, aside from the many great points that John makes, is that when you see them on TV talking or getting ready for the show, they’re *human*. Compared with AKB48 or any of the other endless idol groups, they are genuine in the way they speak, and act… it’s not all prepackaged and trite. They’re funny and cute (not just on the outside) and I just can’t help but cheer for them.

    The JPN album is great, but Dream Fighter is my favourite song of theirs for sure. Oh and for the record Kashiyuka’s my favourite :-)

  • Flora

    Like any guy groups? I recently discovered √5 (Root 5) and they’re pretty good.

    As for that last vid, I was done after 2:56. Just….DONE. We all laugh, but for all we know that could be what the party scene actually looked like in Japan in the 80’s (another reason I’m glad I was born when I was).

  • Amber Hendricks

    Love Perfume!! I was lucky enough to see them live in 2011 at the Asia Song Festival in Daegu. I have always admired them for being so classy, and their dancing is just as crisp and professional in person as it is in their videos!

  • penx

    I’m a big fan of Perfume as well, but… no レーザービーム ?! I am disappoint….

  • John

    Haha, awesome! Glad you like them.

  • penx

    This is another reason why I like them so much. They are like you say it, “human” or “real people” that show that they actually do care about their fans and their music…
    Just watch:

  • innadee

    I. LOVE. PERFUME. And props for including Dream Fighter! It’s my favorite song of theirs. I’m so excited for their new single! :D

    and YES! GOLDEN BOMBER!!! i liked Memeshikute better than Dance My Generation though.

  • Blackberrymochi

    I love Perfume!! And I loved the header for this article so much!

  • Dharma Mauricio

    How can that girl have no reaction when four power rangers in suits suddenly jump into the dance floor in front of her??

  • MisterM2402

    The only Japanese music I’ve really liked has been Perfume, MEG and Capsule… who are all produced by Yasutaka Nakata and have similar styles :D

    Didn’t know anything about J-Pop before starting to learn Japanese, but when I did, I became addicted to Perfume (first heard through a short clip of “ねぇ” posted in the old TextFugu forum). Maybe that’s why I haven’t found any other bands I like, because I was too busy listening to Perfume. Then “Kittenish” by MEG was featured in one of Koichi’s posts, and I became addicted to her as well :D

    A bit disappointed you didn’t feature ねぇ actually, but oh well, only so many songs to choose from :/ And do you REALLY not like anything from Complete Best? I agree it’s quite different, but at it’s heart it’s still Perfume :)

  • Amber

    I’ve been waiting for you do an article on Perfume for a while- I’m glad to hear from someone who loves them as much as I do! :) Dream fighter forever~!

  • Cory Staats

    I am a crazy Perfume fan, just like you they’re my favorite Japanese girl band! I enjoy almost every song of theirs. My favorite Perfume girl is Kashiyuka she’s absolutely beautiful and love her outfits the most! My favorite thing about Perfume is their adorable dancing. Love Perfume!

  • John

    I like a decent amount of the Complete Best songs. Linear Motor Girl, Computer City, and Electro World are probably my top 3 from the album.

  • Michael

    I loved their son Spice when I was watching Sengyou no Shufu Tantei

  • Michael

    i like the first song too. Will listen to the rest later.

  • 裘大衛

    If you like Perfume or Capsule (my all time favorite) you should also check 鈴木亜美 – Supreme Show… the whole album was also produced by 中田ヤスタカ and is equally great. Possibly better than most of MEG tracks he did.
    Seems like everything this guy touches turns to gold!

  • simplyshiny

    I’m a new Perfume lover, I’ll admit, I was first introduced to them through Arashi shows, and didn’t actually like them at first…not really sure why, maybe I am a monster…but I suddenly started liking them!

  • rapchee

    i had that with clammbon … i think it took two or three tries to get to enjoy them, somehow it didn’t click initially. but after that i became a rabid fan

  • rapchee

    i usually kinda hate pop, j-pop included, but this is quite nice. the pv-s are not that interesting though, except perhaps the last one

  • Pål Ruben Hovind

    I haven’t been a fan of Perfume for a long while, but I wish I discovered them earlier. Started listening to a lot Kyary Pamyu Pamyu last summer, and then I found out about Capsule, and then some months ago I started listening to Perfume (Yasutaka Nakata is a genius). What I love about Perfume (and KPP) is that the music sound so positive and happy. They are one of the few artists that really manages to cheer me up, no matter when.

  • Wulfe

    I used to like Perfume until I discovered SCANDAL ahaha

  • Koyuki

    Not really a fan tbh. My favourite Japanese artists are Shiina Ringo/Tokyo Jihen, SUPERCAR, ART-SCHOOL, Schadarappar, HALCALI and Nujabes.

  • Muffin

    Perfume was the first Japanese music I’d ever heard, and, I guess, what ultimately started me on my Japanese-learning journey, so they’ll always hold a special place in my heart. Believe it or not, I first heard them as background music in a scene from Cars 2, lol. I love them.

  • Ilyas

    Thank you for making this post. I really have a strong liking towards this group!

  • Chris

    I first discovered Perfume when John posted a link to their “Spending all my time” video, and now I can’t get enough of their infectious, upbeat music! I just feel so happy and positive when I listen to their songs.

    Watching the DVD of their JPN concert was amazing: the dancing, the energy, the excitement of the fans…

    My favourite songs at the moment are エレクトロ・ワールド and my all-time favourite, チョコレイト・ディスコ (the 2012 remix).

    Have recently joined the Perfume Official World Fanclub and hoping to catch them at a live performance soon!

    Thanks for the heads-up John!

  • John

    Haha, glad to be the one to introduce you to them! :D

  • Hamyo

    Have you ever been heard about music group Moumoon jhon? it’s great too they just contain 2 member one a girl that is their vocalist and the other is the guitarist, they’re song is so catchy, mixing japanese and english lyrics but still sound’s like a native. hopefully it include in your favorite music group list so i can read a post about it soon. :D

  • Jay Sanders

    Love them too. I first heard about them on some random post on Crunchyroll but did see them here shortly after. I use Glitter (Remix) as my morning alarm and Fake It as one of my ringtones. Along with CLaris’ Irony and Nexus as ringtones, let’s just say I don’t get confused if it’s my phone ringing or not. Plus, the looks when I’m on a construction site and my phone starts singing in Japanese is priceless.

  • ◕ ◡ ◕ thea

    I am a fan of Perfume too. ‘love the world’ used to be my call ring tone for around 2 years. Their music is very catchy and my favorite song so far is 575. Kashiyuka is my favorite member because I am completely jealous of her hair and how she prefers shounen manga than shoujo titles.

  • Comgenie

    You forgot this addicting song of them :P :

  • Pistols

    Yeap, here too. 35 male from france and I get hooked by Nee on TV (the PV is really cool with the “dancing legs” part :)) then right after it was GAME because of the slighly daftpunkesque sound, and for a long time I wasn’t able to listen to anything else from them. And now I’m really fan of almost everything they do :) Nakata san is really good, definitively.

  • LSP

    My fav used to be Kashiyuka but now I’m more biased towards Nocchi. But I like all three of them. To me, I got attracted to them because of their videos before their song. The PVs are always so interesting and well made. It took me forever to start liking the ever-famous One Room Disco.

    Since u posted Golden Bomber’s My Generation, maybe you wanna post their song Memeshikute too. it’s very famous in Japan.

  • the pretty dwarf in the hobbit

    Well yeah. They are not idols. They don’t have to fake innocent virginal image to win the heart of fans. They are accepted and well loved for ho they are.

    It’s the same case for the girl groups(collectively known as E-Girls) produced by EXILE like Happiness, FLOWER. The girls don’t speak in those baby-voice, or act and dress all cutesy and stuff. They act their age and have a lot of freedom to speak their mind.

    I think it’s one of the factor that attract younger female fans to such group, in contrast to the middle-aged male fanbase of an idol group.

  • Kasma88

    Just wanted to say a big thanks to John for posting this! I’ve struggled to get into Japanese music, I just couldn’t seem to click with it but, after listening to some of Perfume’s songs posted on here, I’ve finally found a group I like. Now to try and get hold of one of their albums!

  • Ruben

    “Why would you dislike such an adorable group of girls??”
    You’re right you can’t dislike the girls, but I do dislike their music !
    Japanese songs I really like include:
    小さな恋のうた (Has been covered a lot by different artists but the covers are always good)
    ハッピーシンセサイザ ( A bit childish, but I love the song and the dance moves )
    とんぼ ( Very nice to sing along )

  • Chester

    Perfume is great. I decided I liked them when I saw them on Zip one morning being interviewed (I like Mari a lot, I like her approach to non-Japanese things, so I generally like Zip). There was something infinitely more genuine about these girls than, say, AKB48.

    Perfume seemed to be actual performers – if not true musicians (I don’t know what their creative process is), whereas AKB48 is just self-centered preteens who just want attention.

    When I learned that their producer was a truly talented guy, though, I really bought them. I thought, as frontwomen, they’re awesome, and their music is great bubblegum techno, which I can’t help but say that I like a lot.

  • Ron Moses

    Yeah, unfortunately this is the stuff I just can’t handle. To twinkly for me. For girl bands, give me eX-Girl, Bo-Peep and Bleach03.


  • Ron Moses

    Big thumbs up for Shiina/TJ. Listen to any Miyavi? Go do.

  • Cris Smith

    They are amazing indeed, fun, bubbly, and they never fail to impress me everytime

  • Eszter

    Hehe it’s a Golden Bomber video, they are very funny :D

  • Nurtalya

    I think I love them more than you do :P I like their new track! Can’t wait for it to be released!

  • Callum

    I ruv perfume

  • Hajime Crea

    Fell in love with capsule and Nakata’s work then found out about Perfume and like ’em too.

    “edge” is probably one of my favourite songs, but pretty much all of their singles are aural perfume :)

    Do you like any of Nakata’s other works such as Kyary Pamyu Pamyu or capsule?

    Also it seems that Golden Bomber is the bee’s knees in Japan right now.

  • Riechan

    I love Perfume too!! They are so awesome and sweet! My favourite song would be Chocolate Disco ^^
    They appeared in variety shows from the other group I love (being Arashi) and those episodes are full of win! Like in vsarashi (ep 18) , different episodes of himitsu no arashichan (ep 97, ep 140 and 184). Those are very much fun to watch

  • Cassandra Hora

    My favorite Japanese music artist is GACKT! He can sing, act ( watch Bunraku) and is totally hot. The best thing is is he dosent take himself to serious.

  • stina arena

    bah! This is what I get for not checking tofugu for a couple of months, Perfume are my #1!

    I’m so happy to see so many people in the comments into them, and getting into them from the songs you’ve posted! I’ve been a fan since 2004 and have seen them live twice and yelled at them at an airport and got a response from Kashi and yet none of that matters when I’m feeling crappy and only need to press play on any of their songs and feel complete joy.

    (I totally know what you mean about Nocchi’s hair, on my bday I forced some friends to watch the Tokyo Dome dvd and one called her ‘Snape’ from then on. It looks nice in Spice though!)

    thanks John!

  • Francis A.

    I like Perfume but not as much as you. I do agree that you can’t listen to any Perfume songs and not feel happy. Fave track would be a toss up of Baby Cruising Love and Dream Fighter.