I’m sure many of you saw this coming. If you’ve kept up with my previous posts, you already know that I absolutely adore Perfume and will occasionally include one of their music videos at the end of a post just for fun. Perfume is the only all girl Japanese band that I’ve gotten into and have loved since the moment I first heard them. Perfume songs are catchy, uplifting, and awesome. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

This month, I’m going to be bringing you a new favorite band of mine every week. If you’ve not already heard the band, you’re in luck, it’ll be great. And if you have already heard the band, I’m sorry. Last week I shared D’espairsRay with you so this week you’re getting something completely different.


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I admit it. This song used to be my ringtone. It’s just really not possible for me to listen to a Perfume song and not be happy. Back in the day, Nocchi (the one with the short hair) used to be my favorite. These days I’m leaning more towards Kashiyuka (the one in the boots). I’m not too sure why, but I think it might have something to do with Nocchi’s recent hairstyle choices. Oh well.

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I’d say I’m more a fan of Perfume’s mid to late career. Their earlier stuff is kind of hit or miss for me. The main reason for this is clear. Since 2003, Perfume has been produced by Yasutaka Nakata, founder of the group Capsule and the Contemode label.

Capsule is awesome, and the influence is definitely apparent. It was around this time in 2003 that the group’s original post-Shibuya-kei sound began making a transition to electronic dance-pop music, incorporating Auto-Tune, vocoders, and electro house. My kinda stuff.

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Perfume is also super popular. I mean, probably not as popular as AKB48, but still pretty darn famous. They’re in everything from commercials to international concerts these days. Perfume is definitely a successful group of girls. So far they’ve released 21 singles, 3 studio albums, and 3 compilation albums. All three studio albums went platinum or double platinum.

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As Perfume’s sound grows and matures I feel like it speaks even more and more to my interests. I’ve always really liked electronic style music and Perfume continues to deliver. I never get bored of their releases and every new track puts a smile on my face. Most of their music videos aren’t even that complicated, but they’re always entertaining.

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I absolutely love it when bass guitar is featured in an electro song. This one here is no exception. The band chose the name Perfume because all three original members had the Japanese character for fragrance () in their names. Unfortunately, before the group could even debut, the third member dropped out to pursue her education instead. She was then replaced by Nocchi.

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This track is Perfume’s latest single. I really like it a lot. Not only do I really like the song but the video is really great too. It’s incredibly simple, but very entrancing at the same time. I love the hand dancing. And this is what I mean about Nocchi’s new hair. I’m really not a big fan of how she has it here.

Anyway, Perfume is great. Unlike D’espairsRay, they’re still around and still going strong. I’m always looking forward to their new releases and I hope they stay active for many years to come. As far as electro J-pop with female vocals, Perfume just can’t be beat.

This is Hilarious, Share it With Everyone

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Also I managed to stumble across this little gem here and it is just way too hilarious to not share with all of you. Just check out those dance moves!

So tell me, do you love Perfume as much as I do? What’s your favorite song and who’s your favorite member? Or maybe you’re one of the people that hate them? Why? Why would you dislike such an adorable group of girls??

  • Cassandra Hora

    My favorite Japanese music artist is GACKT! He can sing, act ( watch Bunraku) and is totally hot. The best thing is is he dosent take himself to serious.

  • stina arena

    bah! This is what I get for not checking tofugu for a couple of months, Perfume are my #1!

    I’m so happy to see so many people in the comments into them, and getting into them from the songs you’ve posted! I’ve been a fan since 2004 and have seen them live twice and yelled at them at an airport and got a response from Kashi and yet none of that matters when I’m feeling crappy and only need to press play on any of their songs and feel complete joy.

    (I totally know what you mean about Nocchi’s hair, on my bday I forced some friends to watch the Tokyo Dome dvd and one called her ‘Snape’ from then on. It looks nice in Spice though!)

    thanks John!

  • Francis A.

    I like Perfume but not as much as you. I do agree that you can’t listen to any Perfume songs and not feel happy. Fave track would be a toss up of Baby Cruising Love and Dream Fighter.