The Tokyo marathon is probably the biggest marathon in all of Japan, and quickly becoming one of the largest marathons in the entire world. That’s not surprising, considering Tokyo is one of the largest cities in the world.

What is surprising is that the Tokyo Marathon isn’t just for Kenyans wanting to leave everybody else in the dust; there’s also a ton of people who just like to dress up and go for a small 26-mile run.

With this year’s Tokyo Marathon set to take place next month, I thought I’d share with you some of the craziest costumes from previous years:


Photo by jimgris

As we all know, Jesus actually lived and died in Japan, so it makes sense seeing him in the Tokyo Marathon.


Photo by jimgris


Photo by jimgris



Photo by jimgris

A foreigner running the Tokyo Marathon as Captain America? What a real American.


Photo by jimgris

Joseph Tame of Tame Gone Wild is an unusual runner who runs in different shapes (like a banana or an Apple logo). He also likes to strap computer equipment to himself to livestream his runs and measure how far and where he runs.


Photo by Hajime NAKANO


Photo by Hideya HAMANO


Photo by jimgris

For a while, Hikonyan was one of the most popular mascots in all of Japan and apparently, that popularity was great enough to convince some guy to dress up as a creepy, creepy Hikonyan.


Photo by Kentaro Ohno


Photo by Hideya HAMANO

I don’t remember the genie being this gross and sweaty in Aladdin. Maybe it’s time to rewatch it?



Photo by jimgris


Photo by jimgris

It looks like my old congressman David Wu made it over to Japan to race. Neat!

What’s your favorite costume? If you were to run in the Tokyo Marathon, would you dress up? Tell me in the comments!

  • JOHANNES ☆ ヨハネス

    I like the salaryman costume! Very awesome! (^∇^)

  • Tora.Silver

    I like to imagine that the woman in pink behind the Starbucks guys was moonwalking.

  • 古戸ヱリカ

    That, or doing the robot.

    …By which I mean, she is a robot, and she is dressed like a human.

  • ta0paipai

    There were a few Kamen Riders too.

  • ワサビさん

    Goodness, that salaryman just made my day.

  • zoomingjapan

    *LOL* You never run out of ideas to post about, huh? ;)
    I love the Hikonyan and the Starbucks one!

    Crazy stuff, thanks for sharing!

  • Mescale

    Were to run the tokyo marathon I’d wear a Stephen Hawking costume.

  • roncurtis

    Salaryman costume made me lol so hard

  • Zain

    lol ,i like dat Freeza

  • Wei Keat Tan

    That’s a real salarymen wandered into the runners, and thought Godzilla is invading, so he ran with the rest. #TrueStory

  • Ivy

    My favorite costume was Jesus, because I have no idea how to react to it. I’d run as Hatsune Miku if I got a chance to run.

  • Dave

    Wait, is that panda the panda from Shirokuma Cafe?

  • Zain

    i would like to wear Ninja costume