Every Sunday we gather the week’s weird and interesting Japanese news and present it to you in our Sunday News column. It might not always be hard-hitting news, but we hope that it still informs and entertains you. Enjoy!



Exclusive new footage of giant squid in natural habitat: The mythical giant squid has long eluded human attempts to record it in its natural habitat, but thanks to collaboration between NHK and the Discovery Channel, we finally have footage of the colossal beasts. At almost 3 meters or 10 feet long, it’s enough to make me want to never set foot in the ocean again.
[/threecol_two] [threecol_one_last]Japanese hacker continues to taunt police with clue strapped to cat: A Japanese hacker on the run from the law has been playing a literal game of cat-and-mouse with the authorities, strapping a memory card to a cat for police to find. It’d be more funny if the hacker in question weren’t wanted for making bomb threats against elementary schools.

Deconstructing a Japanese Skyscraper from the Top Down: Conventional demolition is messy, loud, and costly; but now one Japanese company is offering a new solution. Instead of destroying the building through a controlled explosion, a skyscraper is eaten alive from the inside, slowly shrinking floor by floor. [via Reddit, Spoon & Tamago][/threecol_one_last]


[threecol_one]Japan finds rare photo of Hiroshima bomb mushroom cloud : It’s amazing to me that even with an historical event as large and significant as nuclear bombing of Hiroshima, we’re still finding artifacts and relics. A newly rediscovered photograph of the mushroom cloud rising over Hiroshima is a stark reminder that the bombing isn’t something to be forgotten. [via News On Japan]

Will Shinzo Abe’s stimulus rampage be enough to save Japan?: Japan’s economy has been large, but anemic for a few decades now, despite the government’s many attempts to kick-start economic growth. Now, newly-elected prime minister Shinzo Abe is trying something new: everything at once. As an aside, somebody should get an award for using the pun “Shock and Abe.”[/threecol_one] [threecol_two_last]butt-pillow

Human Butt Pillows Are Both Expensive and Creepy: We reported last year about Soineya, a cafe where you can pay to take a nap with cute, young women. Now, not only is Soineya expanding to another location, but offering another service — a butt pillow. For the low, low price of ¥1,000 (~$11) a minute, you can rest your weary head on a nice lady’s tush. What a bargain![/threecol_two_last]


  • Jane


  • 古戸ヱリカ

    I guess the guy in the header image isn’t going to get that teaching job, eh?


    “Because a human butt pillow, is a terrible thing to waste.”

  • Flora

    I just love the look on the woman’s face in the corner of the butt-pillow picture.

  • grimpoteuthis

    Props to the illustrator, great work as always :)

  • HatsuHazama

    I came here thinking they were selling pillows for your butt, but instead, all it is is the opportunity to rest on a cute young woman’s butt. Boring, I’m outta here.

  • Brad Garrett

    I really liked the article you linked with the possible economic repercussions of the Prime Minister’s plan.

  • Hirohisa Okada

    i dont think that’s so nice. the men who frequent there must be only boy without cute girls :P
    on the other hand , i can say clearly only thing is this atmosphere is significant sing the men wants next hahaha

  • Hirohisa Okada

    i dont think that’s so nice. the men who frequent there must be lonely boy without cute girls :P
    on the other hand , i can say clearly only thing is this atmosphere is significant sign the men wants next hahaha

  • Hashi

    He just had a little detour!

  • Hashi

    Glad you enjoyed it!

  • Jonadab

    Eleven bucks a minute? I am in the WRONG business. (Unfortunately, I’m not nearly as cute, or female, or Japanese, as the pillow in the photo.) Do prostitutes even make that much? Lawyers? Plumbers? Politicians?