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Wow, did I just finish writing this article? I think I did. I better keep writing otherwise you’ll feel like you didn’t look at enough words today.

Tofugu Tshirts Are-A-Coming!

If you’ve read this far, you must be the type of person who wears clothes. Well good for you (can’t say that about most Tofugu readers). A couple weeks ago we tried out a tshirt service called Teespring, which lets you upload a tshirt design and then has a Kickstarterish method of collecting money from people who want tshirts. There were a couple of things keeping us from doing tshirts in the past:

  1. Usually you have to buy a ton of tshirts up front, guessing on what sizes people would want.
  2. You have to ship them all out yourself (Ughh!)

This service solves both of those problems in that your money goes straight to them and then they ship it out for us to each individual. We did a test run to make sure the quality was up to snuff (if you ordered a tshirt, you should be getting yours soon, I just got mine!) and they look pretty good. So, I guess it’s time for us to finally do tshirts (thank you to the bajillions of people who have emailed me in the past asking about it, your dreams have come true).

We’ll be posting about the next round of tshirts very soon. Our main thing is that we want to make tshirts that we’d want to wear here at Tofugu, so the designs may not necessarily be a Tofugu fish right in the center of a tshirt (that would be okay… but only okay). We’re thinking we’ll do tshirts on a quarterly or bi-yearly basis, depending on how popular they are. Right now there are two designs we’re debating on. Tell us in the comments which you’d rather have to cover your naked body so we can make a decision.


The shirts will be American Apparel, available in both men’s shapes and women’s shapes. So, if you were to buy a tshirt, which would you buy? Please let us know so we may make educmacated decisions on what tshirt to begin selling.

Tshirt Comment Battle, GO!

  • Jasmin

    I’d get the kawaii morning one!!

  • femmegeek

    Kawaii morning for sure.