Hey folks! It’s Tuesday, that means there’s only 48 hours left in our New Years sale. That means you only have a couple of days to get your hands on TextFugu for 50% off as well as our 30-Day Ebook for free.

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Wow, did I just finish writing this article? I think I did. I better keep writing otherwise you’ll feel like you didn’t look at enough words today.

Tofugu Tshirts Are-A-Coming!

If you’ve read this far, you must be the type of person who wears clothes. Well good for you (can’t say that about most Tofugu readers). A couple weeks ago we tried out a tshirt service called Teespring, which lets you upload a tshirt design and then has a Kickstarterish method of collecting money from people who want tshirts. There were a couple of things keeping us from doing tshirts in the past:

  1. Usually you have to buy a ton of tshirts up front, guessing on what sizes people would want.
  2. You have to ship them all out yourself (Ughh!)

This service solves both of those problems in that your money goes straight to them and then they ship it out for us to each individual. We did a test run to make sure the quality was up to snuff (if you ordered a tshirt, you should be getting yours soon, I just got mine!) and they look pretty good. So, I guess it’s time for us to finally do tshirts (thank you to the bajillions of people who have emailed me in the past asking about it, your dreams have come true).

We’ll be posting about the next round of tshirts very soon. Our main thing is that we want to make tshirts that we’d want to wear here at Tofugu, so the designs may not necessarily be a Tofugu fish right in the center of a tshirt (that would be okay… but only okay). We’re thinking we’ll do tshirts on a quarterly or bi-yearly basis, depending on how popular they are. Right now there are two designs we’re debating on. Tell us in the comments which you’d rather have to cover your naked body so we can make a decision.


The shirts will be American Apparel, available in both men’s shapes and women’s shapes. So, if you were to buy a tshirt, which would you buy? Please let us know so we may make educmacated decisions on what tshirt to begin selling.

Tshirt Comment Battle, GO!


    WHAT A KAWAII MORNING! I love that! A Tofugu shirts really needs a picture of the logo, maybe at the rear neck collar.

  • Marlissa Anne Caldwell

    What a kawaii morning! Want that in a woman’s small. Love itttt! Lol <3

  • Mary Ann Moss

    I would love a tofugu shirt, but i have to say that i am not a fan of either..

  • Time

    First and I’d want them both! Why you make us choose?

  • mjc226

    Hey, I can’t work out how to get the ebook for free as it still seems to be $29 in the store – am I missing something really obvious here? Thank you!

  • Louis-Philippe

    I’d buy a shirt (hey maybe two !), but I’m not big on any of these two designs :(

  • John

    wtb kawaii morning pls

  • Jordan Santiago

    I’d much rather have the tofugu fish, actually. These two designs are okay though – if I had to choose on of these two, I’d go for the “Tofugu” text one.

  • Clarissa

    What a kawaii morning.

  • Cris

    What a Kawaii Morning for sure!!!

  • Salad Snake

    Same here

  • ohmymurakami

    what a kawaii morning please!

  • Siegfried Ehret

    かわいいモルニングFTW !

  • Nicole Castro

    What a kawaii morning <3 That way, Tofugu would brighten my day every time

  • koichi

    my bad, I accidentally scheduled the sale to end today. Fixed now!

  • koichi

    fixed now, sorry about that!

  • Rutger Gaumann

    What a kawaii morning!

  • Mary Ann Moss

    I feel like there is something i am just not understanding about the kawaii morning, is this a reference to something? I would actually like a shirt with just the fugu on it.

  • Momen Adas

    What a Kawaii Morning!

  • John
  • mitsuho32

    Awesome! When and where will these be available?

  • Phil McCauley

    I named my damn thesis after Kawaii Morning, no challenge. That very much please. <3

  • Aiza Botezatu

    What a KAWAII morning is the best! Makes me feel so refreshed. But can you make some written in Japanese? that would be like AMAZING!!!!! (and I would exercise in the mirror to read it every time I wear it :p)

  • Diogo Diniz ジオゴジニズ


  • Dolphinwing

    omg I would have to get the kawaii morning one, that made me crack up

  • Yeesha

    What a kawaii morning <3

  • Calvin Qiu

    What a Kawaii morning!

  • ZA다ルﻣ

    hold on a minute, i thought this “what a kawaii morning” thing was supposed to be satire! why would someone want to wear something promoting such weaboo-y folly? i’d prefer something that doesn’t show such ignorance towards the language i’ve been studying.

    then again, i have a tendency to take things MUCH too seriously…^^;

  • missingno15

    Personally, I wouldn’t get either. I would consider one if it had the previous Tofugu logo (or Tofugu logo 2.0 is ok too I guess), and some fancy web 2.0 text saying Tofugu on it. I would just not wear the one on the right at all since its kinda embarrassing to wear.

    If it only these 2 choices alone and only these 2 choices, I’d get the Tofugu shirt on the left

  • Weston Hanners

    Kawaii Morning

  • koichi

    I have no idea either… but I can tell you now, I am losing a bet on which I thought people would want the most :s

  • Joel Alexander

    Aye, I’m with you – I don’t think I’d wear either, but would go for the left-hand one if pressed. Incidentally, the one on the left doesn’t read “Tofugu” but “Tofu fugu”…

  • Jazmin Martinez

    Tofu fugu plzz!! :D

  • Mescale

    I don’t like t-shirts, can you do it in a shirt style instead, also instead of either of the designs there could you just make it white with lots of frilly lace, double cuffs and an extravagant collar, the material should be soft and smooth to the touch, no pockets please. I’m 38″ chest and 15″ neck btw.

    Thanks Koichi you’re the best!

  • koichi
  • Ben Schroder

    Not crazy about either, but If I’d have to choose one, I’d go with the left.

  • Enrico Bianco


  • Canis Lupus

    I wouldn’t buy nor wear either
    Though I daresay the “What a kawaii morning” would more likely be my choice

  • Anthorien

    I don’t much like either but i really *hate* the “What a kawaii morning* one.

  • Phillip

    Hmmm…. I like them both, any prefer the Kawaii Morning, but I’d rather be seen in public in the Tofu Fugu. :) Maybe the Kawaii Morning shirt can be worn on those kawaii Saturday mornings where I can stay at home all day? Hmm….
    Edit: Hey Koichi! In that picture on Twitter, your shirt looked blue. Why is that red? :'(

  • Jessica Tuyet Ngo

    As long as it’s cheap – WHAT A KAWAII MORNING :D

  • Yuki

    Kawaii morning, definitely. <3

  • Bijoukitty

    Kawaii kawaii kawaii!

  • pachinks

    what a KAWAII morning!!

  • Yuume

    Oh. My. Kami.

    That “Kawaii Morning” t-shirt is SO SUGOI. But why are there only the dubbed versions D:

    Oh. I get it. So silly baka gaijin can read my t-shirt. OH I SUPPOSE IT IS WORTH IT SO I AM NOT CONSTANTLY EXPLAINING MY APPAREL.

    I would definitely purchase that one desu.

    When do the Koichiffany and Hashi body pillow release? I need company and someone to cuddle with whilst I plan out my manga-ka career.

  • HatsuHazama

    That. Looks. AWESOME!

  • Tora.Silver

    I magine the back of the Kawaii Morning one(my choice, btw) saying “DESU DESU DESU DESU DESU DESU DESU”

  • emma

    What a kawaii morning

  • John

    Why didn’t anyone let me in on the bet :(

  • Watarimono

    I know I have already lost by the comments below but I am voting for Tofu Fugu!

  • Admiral Awesome


  • Susi

    Just as is … Both with the VS and Everything :P

  • Cassandra Land

    I want the fugu logo. ;) I LOVE my sticker.

    But if these are the two options, I’d go with the Kawaii. I would NEVER wear it in public but my husband and I would get a kick out of the ridiculousness of those who think they can learn Japanese from subbed anime. I’m like the commenter before who said “i’d prefer something that doesn’t show such ignorance towards the language i’ve been studying.” ;) ;)

  • Xaromir

    No money this year, but i’ll give the free season a thingy a try and then hopefully next year. Never knew Tofugu teaches Japanese.

  • The Garden Eel

    While I like the “What a Kawaii Morning” design, I don’t want anyone getting the wrong idea and thinking I was a one of those people shouted “kawaii!” or “desu!” everywhere I go, so I would prefer the one with the Tofufugu text.

    Though If I had a choice, I would much rather have the tofugu fish or something else instead. There is something about both of the shirts that’s keeping me from wearing them.

    Anyways, good luck on the tshirts!

  • jossiee kak

    Please do the ‘what a kawaii morning’ its so cheerful :)

  • Jon E.

    To be honest, I am disappointed with both designs since this is something coming from the Tofugu website; you guys (and girl) are the masters of humor and creativity! What is this blasphemy!? Is “Tofugu” (not “Tofu Fugu”) and/or the logo (whether 1.0 ver or 2.0 ver) copyrighted by someone else or something? The logo, albeit the less melty one, has been a staple of the site since the beginning; your fans would probably love a shirt featuring it, even if it’s tiny and on the sleeve with the text reading “Tofugu” above or under it. Besides all of the comments voting for “Kawaii Morning” (I definitely didn’t see that one coming, either), the rest of the comments are mostly saying they want the Tofugu logo, so I’m not alone here.

    If pressed, I would vote for the left one, but those pictures leave out far too many details. I mean, on the left one, exactly how large is that text? And is it completely centered? Is that even the front or the back of the shirt? (okay, fine, that’s stretching my questions a little far, but come on, more details please!). Voting for Tofugu shirts after all these years is serious business!

    I really do appreciate the apparel side of tofugu coming out, rather than just stickers, because the site really has grown a ton since its humble beginnings. I just wish a version of the logo were featured somewhere, or the shirt actually said tofugu. As for Kawaii Morning, well, sure, people on the site will understand it’s parody/satire, but very few people would wear it out in public outside of very cold, wet days stuffed snuggly under giant hoodies or something, because if you’re seen in it by someone who knows the word kawaii, which is actually very frequently these days, from a ton of people who don’t actually study Japanese at all, it’s pretty embarrassing.

    Use the Kawaii Morning design for a hat or a pair of socks (girls will eat the socks up, trust me!), and use either the left T-Shirt design, or (preferably) an even better design featuring what was mentioned above! That’s my suggestions/feedback.

    Love you all, love the site even though I tend to only peek my head into the comments section every now and then, and absolutely love all of the help you have given me with learning Japanese. You work really hard at things like TextFugu and now WaniKani, not to mention all of the really interesting articles about Japan, its language and culture that no other Japanese blog sites dig deep into their minds enough to write about.

    Jon E.

  • maybe more

    I would LOVE a “What A Kawaii Morning” shirt!

  • AMA

    What a Kawaii morning!!!

  • ^__^


  • ^__^

    Well said.

  • Miguel

    What a kawaii morning :D (also it would be nice if it had a tofugu logo somewhere)

  • J

    Kawaii morning,mens small. Gimme dat.

  • Kijima

    “What a Kawaii Morning”

  • Ivy

    What a kawaii morning! Better design, and I really liked sh*t otaku say.

  • Dave

    I’d where the kawaii morning shirt, but I’d do it ironically. (Homestuck)

  • LoKVeo

    Like many others, I’m not digging either but I’d quickly drop some bucks on a Tofugu fish design.

  • Tutu Punyü

    I’ll go with “What a kawaii Morning”.

  • spiel

    Same here!
    If I had to I’d choose the left one, but in reality I’d buy neither.

  • spiel

    Hear, hear!

  • Feathers

    Yep, Kawaii Morning.. But like someone else said, only if it’s good, soft, and cheap. Like to the tune of $8. If I were to choose what I’d like to see for a Tofugu tee, I’d say DEFINITELY the fish! (And I think several people would agree.) =)

  • Admiral Awesome

    Just bug him and he can probably put the tofugu fish on the back of any of these shirts. I don’t know what a lot of people are getting butt hurt over the kawaii morning. I’m seriously learning Japanese and definitely not someone who roams popular areas shouting random japanese words to look cool/stupid. That video was hilarious and I’ve seen it several times already. That beginning was a hilarious phrase. I would be more than happy to be the walking reference of such a great video.

  • Mary Ann Moss


  • Tofu

    The What a Kawaii Morning shirt is like 342345 kinds of weeabo adorable.

  • chtistmas adam

    im really interested in the textfugu sale but thing is i dont even know wut im buying. i mean is there a aummary ? from what and where is it going (i guess from the start of course) but i really could use an overview to make a decision. great blog btw

  • Kladkaka

    The What a kawaii morning one for sure.

  • Jason C

    Ginza Chocolate, Sakai Kitchen Knife, Omodeto Gaijin

  • ^__^

    hehe that’s funny

  • Mathieu Margollé

    Okay okay, I want the TOFU FUGU one.

  • Alice Donoghue

    What a kawaii morning xD

  • Gabby Quattrone


  • Sebastian Munoz

    I would 100% buy ‘What a kawaii morning!’ for the saying, colour, and typeface omg :D

  • Ashley Riemer

    what a kawaii morning, from my favoritest video :D

  • ジョサイア

    :O so nice :D

  • ジョサイア


  • kagurakasa

    both on the same shirt !

  • Sumi

    I would only buy the Red Fugu logo. Back to the old drawing board, you guys!

  • koichi
  • Christopher Parkes

    Absolutely “What a Kawaii Morning!”

  • pavinder

    OK, I’ll be brutal: I don’t get it…the “kawaii morning” thing – boring font, unimaginative design, not kawaii, no connection to Tofugu at all, and meaningless when translated – “a cute morning”? WTF?

    This is Tofugu, home of cool, quirky, offbeat, funny and relevant Japanese stuff but this shirt design shows none of this quality at all.

    The Tofu Fugu design on the left is far far stronger, but as it stands is also quite boring – again, it doesn’t reflect the usual Tofugu vibe, nor does it make me smile or show anything relevant to the site. Add the fish logo to it, and a lump of tofu – then maybe it could be a little more on track.

  • christmas adam

    Thank you, ill check that ASAP. Hope the sale will last till i take a decision !
    Again, great blog/videos/etc.
    oh i mean what a sugoi blog desu ! ahah

  • Christmas Adam

    wait i just checked the link but i still dont get it. ok i got that its broken into seasons. still, i’d like more precision if possible.

  • 水晶雪

    “What a kawaii morning” is so cute! I’d buy the Tofugu one too if it actually said “Tofugu” and had some version of your logo…

  • koichi

    “What A Kawaii Morning” = one of the most famous things we’ve ever said on a video, apparently.

  • koichi

    First season is accessible and free to anyone – you can test it out to see if you like the style. If you’re too far beyond that level you probably aren’t a good fit for TextFugu anyways, as I recommend it mainly for people just starting out, since the ordering is so important (and it’s a beginner’s textbook, after all).

  • Yizzi

    What a kawaii morning!

  • RonMoses

    This. Tofugu logo and fish, please.

  • lizzyfizzy

    Definitely, I could not agree more. That youtube video was absolutely hilarious. I’ve watched it many times and it still cracks me up.

  • chtistmas adam

    i did take a bite of it and i do like the style. regarding my lvl i know katakanas and hiraganas but with grammar for example i havent learned many things. maybe we could discuss this on skype or any other im?

  • Meredith

    Old square fish logo please.

  • Jasmin

    I’d get the kawaii morning one!!

  • femmegeek

    Kawaii morning for sure.